With tighter emission regulations being enforced on vehicle manufacturers, engines are being created that operate on lower fuel consumptions

Premier Auto Trade (PAT) says this results in the ignition coil having a greater spark output to ignite these leaner fuel mixtures.
Whether it is an integrated ignition coil inside a distributor which supplies the output spark for all cylinders, a coil pack or an individual per cylinder configuration coil over plug, they all have to ignite the air-fuel mixture efficiently so vehicle drivability and emissions are not compromised.
PAT says only the highest quality ignition coil can perform this function without failing prematurely.
Unfortunately, over the past few years, it says the Australian aftermarket has seen a significant increase in inferior quality ignition coils.
PAT states that it is easy for consumers and even technicians to be confused as to the quality of the products available in the market. It warns that the issues experienced by workshops which install low quality parts can include safety concerns, expensive repairs and reputation damage.
One of the most significant factors to consider is who stands behind the product you purchase. PAT says that without the support of the leading global manufacturers such as Delphi, VDO, Bosch, Valeo, Denso, Hitachi, YEC and Bremi can offer, is it worth the risk?
For your peace of mind, PAT says it has a two-year, 40,000km warranty on all of its premium brands ignition coils.
“Premium components from brand name manufacturers are the best value,” Premier Auto Trade General Manager, Darren Van Gerrevink, said.
“We believe Quality plus Durability equals real value, to both the workshop and their customers. Quality replacement parts provide the best value in the long run, and our two-year ignition coil warranty gives the workshop confidence that comebacks will be less of a problem.”
With almost 750 ignition coils in the range, all with a two-year warranty and suitable for almost 16 million vehicles in over 14,000 applications in Australia and New Zealand, PAT says it remains committed to supplying the Australian Aftermarket with the most comprehensive range of premium quality components from the world’s leading manufacturers.
Premier Auto Trade distributes across Australia and New Zealand through a network of specialised resellers and leading automotive retail groups.

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