Sales and vehicle application growth as rapid as the performance provided

Command Auto says it has led the market in ECU cruise controls for over 30 years and is a natural fit for the latest electronic technology.
It says with the new Command Go Throttle Controller, you can transform the acceleration performance of your vehicle while reducing throttle lag and increasing vehicles responsiveness.
Command Auto offers a national stockist and installer network, and point of sale displays are also available.
The Command Go Throttle Controller is suitable for more than 700 vehicle applications and has been developed and tested on Australia’s most popular vehicles.

Key features and benefits:
• Reduces throttle lag.
• Adapts to driving habits.
• Six different modes.
• Nine different sensitivities per mode.
• Anti-theft function for added security.
• Suits Automatic and Manual transmissions.
• Unique Smart Learn function.
• Provides a smooth acceleration.
• Easy plug and play installation.
• Discreet dash mount display.
• Back-lit LCD display.

Modes Include:
• Eco Mode – best for fuel economy, slower acceleration.
• Intelligent [Intelli] Mode – detects and monitors driving habits, elects appropriate acceleration setting.
• Boost Mode – improved throttle response time, smooth acceleration.
• Sport Mode – quick throttle response, increased acceleration when exiting corners, best all-around effect.
• Elite Mode – superb acceleration performance.
• Bypass Mode – accelerates as normal factory setting.
• Anti- Theft Function (ATF) – ATF will lock the throttle inhibiting the car from accelerating
• One-Touch Overtaking Function – M button will jump directly to Elite Mode (while driving) to facilitate overtaking.

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