Opus IVS VAG Master Technicians discuss the common ‘778 steering angle sensor’ fault

Opus IVS says its OEM Brand-Specific Master Technicians support customers globally in the automotive aftermarket via its IVS 360 diagnostic support service, designed uniquely to assist workshops and technicians in the repair of complex vehicle technology.
It says that by using the DrivePro’s market leading diagnostic software and IVS 360 extensive product knowledge, workshops are provided with the confidence to repair the most complex vehicles with speed and efficiency.
The IVS 360 VAG OEM Trained Master Technicians reportedly receive numerous requests for support from customers who have an ABS or traction control warning on the instrument cluster and a fault stored in the ABS control module of “778 steering angle sensor.”
It explains that this fault – which its team reports is a common fault they see regularly – may have appeared after something as simple as a flat battery or after a component replacement.

Brand: VAG
Issue: ABS or traction control warning on the instrument cluster
Fault codes presented: 778 steering angle sensor

Opus IVS reports it has been identified that the fault first became apparent when the Volkswagen group started to use the Teaves MK60 ABS system in their cars from around 2004 onwards. This system requires the basic setting to be completed on the steering angle sensor after a flat battery or if the battery is disconnected, or a steering rack or angle sensor replacement.

The fix:
Sometimes a simple short drive whilst turning the steering wheel right and left will suffice, however, when this is not the case, then a basic setting function will have to be used.
To start the basic settings procedure, the ABS control module requires an initialisation drive so the ABS control module can see the live data on all four wheel speeds is reading correctly.
So when there may be no fault codes regarding a wheel speed issue, the wheel speed plausibility live data must be checked, as even the smallest discrepancy in wheel speed would mean the ABS control module would not carry out the steering angle sensor basic setting procedure. Common causes include wheel bearings, speed sensors and wiring.
Once a discrepancy has been confirmed and then diagnosed and repaired, the Steering Angle Sensor basic setting function should be completed and the code should clear.
On vehicles with an electro mechanical steering rack, there will also be a steering warning light in the instrument cluster and the steering will be heavy.
Opus IVS says this would then require the steering to be held on full left-hand lock and then full right-hand lock then back to the straight-ahead position to complete.
The team advise you should be aware that a simple battery replacement may lead to this issue and so it is recommended that this is explained to the customer to avoid any issues.

Opus IVS
Opus IVS says that all of its IVS 360 team of OEM-Trained Master Technicians have extensive main dealership workshop experience, which Opus IVS keeps up to date through ongoing VM and OEM training.
It states this allows the IVS 360 team to have knowledge of the latest models and systems, enabling them to support customers effectively from initial diagnosis through to final repair.
All Opus IVS mechanical repair solutions (DrivePro and DrivePro Elite Diagnostic Kit) come complete with live repair guidance from IVS 360 OE brand-specific master technicians.

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