The companies say their partnership will deliver “industry first innovation”

Mobility solutions provider Compass and iBodyshop, a leading provider of software to the collision repair industry, have announced they have joined forces to establish a smoother customer journey for all parties involved when a vehicle is repaired after an accident.
Compass states it has worked alongside iBodyshop across the last 18 months to deliver a “groundbreaking partnership that will streamline our service and enhance transparency with insurers around how long a rental vehicle is being used.”
“It has been our long-term goal to ensure we reduce the inconvenience for all involved in the repair of a vehicle, from our partners, through to their customers and most importantly the Insurer,” Compass Chief Executive Officer, James Frape, said.
“Through our partnership with iBodyshop, we have taken this one step further by ensuring all dates for the length of repairs are shared between our relevant systems.
“This means no unnecessary phone calls to clients or repairers asking when the car will be finished. It will also ensure insurers can be confident in the knowledge that we have the exact dates of when repairs are finished.
“Backed up by telematics that we have in our vehicles, we are confident it will further reduce friction between parties. We will also be kept abreast of delays on vehicles, and then share this information with insurers, when required.
“As the trusted provider of replacement vehicles in Australia, this new relationship is part of our ongoing commitment to ensure a better experience for all, less wait times for customers, and less debates with insurers on length of hire.
“It is an exciting new chapter as we continuously strive to provide a better experience for all involved, and further enhancements over the next 12 months will showcase this further.”
“I totally agree with James – think of all the daily calls you receive from Claims Officers, Assessors, Insurer admin staff, Hire/Loan Car Companies, customers, and the like…eliminating just one of these calls would be welcome,” iBodyshop Managing Director, Steve O’Brien, said.
“We have a saying at iBodyshop ‘death by a thousand cuts’ – we use this to target and automate those little tasks shops face every day that collectively take up most of the day, like update calls.
“Initiatives such as the Compass integration fall into this category, with so many shops short-staffed and overworked, efficiency gains such as this are desperately needed. Instead of fielding phone update calls, shops can focus on tasks that improve customer service, turnover and profitability.
“Compass is a fantastic company to work with and we look forward to phase two and three of the project slated to deliver even greater efficiencies as we strive for ‘One Touch’.”

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