From Australian Clutch Services’ ClutchPro

ClutchPro continues to develop its range of aftermarket clutch system accessories and components to incorporate as many components as possible for the entire clutch system, from the pedal all the way to the flywheel.
ClutchPro is the standard replacement division of Australian Clutch Services and says it offers a comprehensive range of clutch kits and associated accessories including hydraulics, bearings, tools, forks and cross-shafts.
With the range continuing to expand, ClutchPro is encouraging workshops to inspect all components in the clutch system for wear or damage when replacing the clutch to ensure optimum performance and durability for the new clutch assembly.
“We always encourage technicians to check all areas of the clutch system for wear to ensure that the necessary components can be replaced whilst the transmission is removed from the vehicle,” Australian Clutch Services Sales Manager, Colin Jevons, said.
“By offering a comprehensive range of accessories and components, we are providing the opportunity for workshops to place an order and receive everything they may need in one go, saving freight and time for the customer.”
ClutchPro says that components throughout the clutch system can have a major impact on the performance of the clutch and can often cause release issues.
“We often see customers replacing a clutch only to find that the clutch itself had not failed, but another component in the system has caused the issue such as the hydraulics or a clutch fork,” Colin said.
“Another common issue can be a worn transmission guide tube that can seem fine on the old clutch unit, but as soon as the new assembly is fitted and the installed height changes, the bearing ends up operating on a different area on the guide tube and the pedal can feel uneven.
“As a result, we suggest technicians inspect all key areas of the clutch system and if in doubt, give our sales and technical support team a call to discuss.
“With an extensive nationwide distribution network and stock of popular components kept around the country, we aim to provide these components as quickly as possible to ensure the vehicle can be repaired and put back on the road efficiently.”

For more information about the ClutchPro range of clutch kits, hydraulics and accessories, please call 1800 CLUTCH or visit