Complete professional solution for efficient adjustment and calibration of front radars and cameras

An increasing number of modern passenger cars, vans and LCVs are equipped with driver assistance systems which detect critical situations via camera systems and radar sensors, warning the driver and intervening in case of imminent danger.
Automotive workshops thus have to calibrate these systems more frequently once they complete repair or maintenance tasks.
Utilising its DAS 3000, Bosch now provides a universal, computer-based calibration and adjustment device for driver assistance systems. Its vehicle specific calibration targets make DAS 3000 suitable for vehicles of all common manufacturers.
The system works in combination with the Bosch diagnostic software Esitronic 2.0 and a diagnostic tester. Bosch says this flexible and complete solution provides workshops with quick access to different diagnostic procedures for the calibration of driver assistance systems for different vehicle manufacturers.

Digital distance measurement and alignment towards the vehicle
The scope of delivery includes a multi-functional XL VW-group calibration target, used for both the calibration of front cameras and vertically installed for radar calibration. Coloured retainers allow quick and easy mounting of the calibration targets at predefined vehicle-specific positions. Bosch says this results in very short set-up times.
Digitally integrated cameras and guided software routines measure the distance towards the vehicle and the alignment towards the driving axle. Bosch explains this ensures quick and accurate positioning of the DAS 3000 in front of the vehicle, thus increasing the efficiency of workshop routines.
It also includes a high-precision measurement bar, taking up the vehicle-specific calibration targets of the Bosch multi-target shop.
The calibration device is said to be easy and flexible to set up on headlight test bays and on ground-mounted lifts alike, due to the height adjustable offset.
For comfortable and easy manoeuvring at the workshop, the unit is equipped with large wheels by a spring-loaded stamp brake to ensure firm and stable positioning. In addition, there is also a large rack for the diagnostic computer.
Specifically developed for everyday use at workshops, Bosch says it also offers robust tablet computers and diagnostic testers complementing the DAS 3000.

The calibration of driver assistance systems is supported by the integrated Esitronic 2.0 workshop software. KTS 5-series communication modules work with both OBD vehicle interfaces and new Ethernet-based (DoIP) interfaces.
With their optimised “pass-thru interface,” the KTS modules also provide straightforward access to the vehicle manufacturer portals.

For body shops and workshop professionals
Calibration of camera systems and sensors have become an increasingly common part of everyday workshop life.
After accident repairs, windshield replacement and replacement of defective sensors or even after performing tuning measures, the systems require readjustment.
Bosch says its DAS 3000 supports the workshop staff if troubleshooting occurs on the assistance systems, general adjustment or service tasks, thus ensuring high efficiency, and quality at the workshop.

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