“Proven performance when it matters most”

Auto Electrical Imports (AEI) says it offers a comprehensive range of “world-renowned” Deutsch connectors.
AEI says Deutsch connectors are the ideal choice when adding accessories including power systems, lighting for safety and increased visibility, radio systems, reverse cameras, and alarms.
The Deutsch range is designed for all driving environments and is said to withstand extreme or demanding conditions, where dirt, moisture, salt spray and rough terrain could otherwise damage electrical connections.
AEI says it has connector ranges available in a variety of sizes, configurations and contact arrangements; stating the range offers durable performance and easy assembly with a firm secure locking mechanism and water and dust tight seals up to IP68.
Compared to other connectors, AEI says the Deutsch connector range is easy to use, reliable and robust; and the simple, user friendly design reportedly eliminates the need for countless different components for each connection.  
With a connector available to suit almost every application, AEI says the Deustch range offers a strong, durable, and versatile solution, which is achieved by utilising the latest technology in metal and thermoplastic shells.
The entire Deutsch sealed connector range incorporates fluid resistant silicone seals moulded into each housing. This aids in ease of use and ensures correct assembly by eliminating incorrectly installed seals. It also eliminates the chance of seal failure due to damage during the crimping or assembly process.
This smart series of connectors utilises a standard contact system, available in solid or stamped and formed construction. They are available in either nickel or gold plated and a range of sizes to suit a wide variety of conductors. AEI also offers convenient grab kits for common connectors.

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