Designed to provide maximum control, shorter braking distances, and reduced noise levels

Continental Tyres recently unveiled its all-new MaxContact MC7, a sporty, high-performance tyre designed for enjoyment in both daily use and on weekend adventures, fulfilling the needs of Australian performance-oriented drivers.
Continental says its MaxContact MC7 delivers excellent driving performance, offering maximum control through precise steering and dynamic handling with exceptional stability in all environments.
It explains this is achieved through Continental’s Cornering Macroblock technology, which maximises the tyre’s contact area with the road to create a wider footprint, thus redistributing force for a more controlled and stable drive experience.
This exciting new product also features ReFlex Compound that creates a higher resistance to tyre deformation and leads to improved steering response and accuracy.
“Developed and tested by a team of industry-leading engineers and material experts through more than 8,000 hours in R&D, we engineered a stand-out, high-performance tyre that meets the unique needs of Australian drivers,” Continental Tyres Australia Managing Director, Mitchell Golledge, said.
Designed to ensure optimum safety, even in wet weather, Continental says the new MaxContact MC7 provides enhanced grip and shorter braking distances to ensure a stable and safe experience for drivers.
The 3D Laser-cut Sipes improve grip and braking in wet and rainy conditions, reducing the risk of aquaplaning by quickly expelling water that flows through the tyre grooves.
Additionally, the silica technology within the ReFlex Compound enhances the transfer of kinetic energy to heat when braking, leading to shorter braking distances on both dry and wet roads.
Continental’s two-in-one Noise Breaker 3.0 breaks up sound waves, preventing noise from building up and traveling into the cabin, resulting in a quieter drive.
“The MaxContact MC7 is the most recent addition to the Continental Tyres line-up of products which represent the latest generation of our tyre technologies,” Mitchell said.
“These products reflect our continued investment into new, best-in-class offerings resulting in remarkable driving experiences.”
The new Continental MaxContact MC7 tyre offers sizes ranging from 17” to 20” and will be available Australia-wide from the 1st of June, 2024.
Continental Tyres says it has been a leader in creating world-class innovations using advanced technologies for more than 150 years.
It states its German-engineered tyres are refined and tested with safety in mind and are “the first choice for leading vehicle manufacturers globally.”

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