4WD Industry Council Convenor, Nigel Bishop, provides an update on the goings on of the Council

Nigel Bishop, Council Convenor – 4WD Industry Council

With a number of Committee members starting new roles, there were quite a few changes to the 4WDIC lineup during the year.
However, the Committee is intentionally structured in a way that ensures continuity and we were able to welcome our new members and continue the work without disruption.
This year, we said goodbye to Mike Tomsett (SWD), Jeff Newick (Exclusive Tyres), and Kalen Ziflian (Club 4×4) after many years of combined service to the Committee. More recently, Chris Roberts also announced his departure from TRED Outdoors, and as such also stepped down from the Council.
I would like to thank all retiring members for their valuable contributions and wish them the very best in their endeavours.
In place of Mike, Jeff, and Kalen, we were pleased to welcome Daniel Gillies (SWD), David Cook (Exclusive Tyres), and Chris van Der Horst (Club 4×4) to the Committee to see out the existing terms.
Additionally, Emma Laukens (Committee Chair) made the decision late last year to leave RYCO and take on an exciting new role with FOX, leading business development in Australia. Replacing Emma on behalf of RYCO, we also welcomed Tony Sheedy to the Committee.
This is an unusual amount of change to occur within a single year, and as a demonstration of the support and respect for Emma Laukens, the Committee voted to co-opt her back into the committee to continue her role as Chair. I am thrilled that Emma accepted the invitation to keep leading the Committee and I look forward to continuing to work together with her on Council.