Wholesale Automatic Transmissions is a specialist in manual to automatic conversions

Wholesale Automatic Transmissions’ most popular conversion is the Toyota LandCruiser 79 Series Manual to Six Speed Tip-Tronic Automatic. The company says industry professionals and car enthusiasts alike come to its team for expert conversions. 
The conversion of manual vehicles to automatic transmission can be carried out at Wholesale Automatic Transmissions’ Melbourne workshop, or for those with the DIY know-how, the Wholesale Automatic Transmissions team can supply all of the required kit components.
To date, Wholesale Automatic Transmissions has completed more than 2,000 manual to auto conversions.
“While there is likely to be some expense involved in changing from a manual to automatic transmission, the benefits will continue to reward you for a long time to come after the conversion has taken place,” Wholesale Automatic Transmissions’ Rodney Hudson-Davies said.
“In particular, the simplicity it offers drivers when they’re behind the wheel, and the smoother performance it delivers in many driving conditions.”
“This conversion comes with the strong, reliable and refined Six Speed AB60 Automatic Transmission from the 200 Series LandCruiser,” Rodney said. 
“This is rated at 900Nm of engine torque at the crank and brings revs down to 1,550rpm on standard tyres. 

The conversion uses our famous Nomad Valve Body. There is a billet CNC machined extension housing that bolts to the original transfer case. There are no modifications to your chassis, drivetrain or drive shafts. 
The Toyota Six Speed Transmission is controlled by the COMPUSHIFT Transmission Controller, which can be setup using a Bluetooth connection to a phone App. 
A display unit allows monitoring of important parameters and there is manual control in sports mode for low range.
 A torque converter lock-up is a staple part of the conversion and gives manual control of the torque converter clutch at the touch of a button. 
This helps keep the transmission temperature under control and is perfect for long distance towing and slow corrugated roads – there is 100 percent engine braking for downhill descents. 

One of the primary factors of the success of a conversion is how good the interior looks. The conversion comes with a bespoke centre console to house the genuine Toyota Shifter Assembly and the single cup holder is replaced with twin cup holders. 
There is also a smart phone pocket, a large carpet lined centre storage compartment, 12v power outlet and twin USB plugs. 
All of this can be customised further to suit your needs and we also want to improve your driving experience in other ways such as with a DynaMat sound deadening layer under the carpet.” 

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