With HULK Professional Series Battery Chargers

New to CoolDrive Auto Parts’ comprehensive product offering is a brand-new range of Battery Chargers from the HULK Professional Series.
CoolDrive says the range is considered to be amongst the most powerful and reliable units on the market. 
It explains that all six battery chargers in the range are MCU controlled, which enables the units to charge batteries much faster and safer than traditional battery chargers. 
Each of the units feature a XB2 smart processor which automatically diagnoses, recovers, charges and maintains batteries.
These new offerings from the HULK Professional Series are multi-stage, fully automatic, switch mode battery chargers and maintainers, capable of charging a variety of Lead Acid batteries including Wet/Flooded, GEL, AGM, MF, Calcium and EFB, as well as Lithium rechargeable batteries on selected models.
The range consists of a 1 Amp 6/12V Battery Charger Maintainer; 3.8 Amp 12V Versatile Battery Charger Maintainer; 7.5 Amp 12/24V All Purpose Battery Charger; 15 Amp 12/24V Powerful Battery Charger; 25 Amp 12/24V Workshop Battery Charger; and a 12V 16 Amp 4 in 1 Battery Charger Maintainer. 
The 7.5 Amp to 25 Amp units also feature a power supply mode. 
The HULK Professional Series battery chargers can be purchased on an optional branded merchandiser display stand, perfect for resellers and workshops.
Also available from CoolDrive are accessories to suit the HULK Professional Range. 

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