Textar Commercial Brakes has joined the CoolDrive Auto Parts range

CoolDrive Auto Parts has moved into the Commercial Braking arena with the addition of the Textar brake technology range. 
CoolDrive Auto Parts says Textar has been a worldwide leader in vehicle brake friction supplies for over 100 years, with over 70 percent of all commercial vehicles in Europe coming equipped with Textar brake lining as standard.
The brand is said to be a leading supplier to both the OE sector and the replacement aftermarket for commercial applications, with the company manufacturing a total of 1.2 million friction products a day. 
The Textar range available via CoolDrive features more than 135 different brake pad lines, more than 430 brake linings, and over 100 different brake disc types.
Textar’s commercial vehicle range covers popular applications for truck manufacturers such as Iveco, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, DAF, Renault, Scania and more, as well as components compatible with leading axle and system suppliers such as Meritor, Rockwell, BPW and Knorr-Bremse. 
Textar’s latest disc brake pads are said to combine safety and sustainability, featuring an ultra-strong construction combined in a lightweight design, contributing to lower fuel consumption and subsequently fewer emissions.
This lightweight design philosophy sees pads produced geometrically identical as standard units, ensuring ease of direct replacement. 
Environmental consideration is also front of mind for the manufacturing processes, which sees 8,000 tonnes of abrasion material by-products recycled annually. 
Textar’s development timeline for a new friction product can take up to three years, including up to 300,000km of on-road testing, 2,000 hours of dynamometer testing, computerised simulations of braking performance and wear patterns, rigorous homologation testing in real-life conditions, as well as extensive NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) and comfort engineering. This development and testing program yields 11 terabytes of data for the company each year. 
Multiple techniques are utilised to bond the friction material to the backing plate, including steel or cast plates with brass pins, cast plates with cast-on pins, steel plates with weld mesh, or lightweight plates with pins, with the different processes ensuring the permanent securing of the friction material, even under the most extreme thermal loads.
When it comes to the friction material itself, Textar has developed 334 different formulations, created from 43 raw materials, for a “massive” array of applications. 
Outside of the commercial vehicle market, CoolDrive Auto Parts says the brand is at the forefront of new technologies, with the development of cutting edge products for electric and hybrid vehicles. 

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