Three jump starter units are now available from CoolDrive Auto Parts

CoolDrive Auto Parts has welcomed a new product line: lithium-ion jump starters.
Launching with three units – HU6510, HU6511 and HU6512 – these top-quality jump starters are part of the HULK Professional Series brand.
All are 12V units, with leading features of each including a LED display, LED flashlight, battery cable socket, input and output charging sockets.
Depending on the individual unit’s specifications, the range is capable of charging petrol and diesel powered vehicles, from motorcycles, cars, SUVs and boats, right through to heavy commercial machinery.
The HU6510 offers wireless charging, with a battery capacity of 10,400Ah, delivering peak current of 800amp; while the mid-range HU6511 has a battery capacity of 18,000Ah, delivering peak current of 2,000amp.
The top-of-line HU6512 has a battery capacity of 28,000amp, with peak current of 2,500amp and is capable of jump starting petrol vehicles up to 10.0L and diesel vehicles up 8.0L.
The jump starters are also able to be used as a power source for most electronic devices.
These new HULK Professional Series Jump Starters join the recently released Battery Charger range, in further examples of CoolDrive’s commitment to the growing four-wheel-drive movement in Australia and New Zealand.
CoolDrive’s HULK 4×4 product range also includes lifting and recovery equipment, winch extension straps, snatch blocks and heavy-duty jacks. Air compressors and tyre management gauges are also available.

For more on the HULK 4×4 range, visit or contact your closest CoolDrive branch.