The company has positioned itself to be a new market leader in brakes

CoolDrive Auto Parts has an impressive selection of brakes from a wide range of leading brands covering street, performance, and track vehicle applications.

Bremtec Brakes
At the front of the pack are the Bremtec brake pad and rotor ranges, which include more than 4,000 part numbers that cover over 21.5 million cars.
Bremtec’s Trade-Line brake pads are made with a new advanced Ceramic+ formulation, which leads to reduced wear and significantly less dust.
The Pro-Line Ceramic+ brake pads are Bremtac’s heavy duty brake pad line. It features an advanced friction formulation that provides improved stopping distances and endurance while eliminating brake dust.
Bremtac also has Endure-Line 4WD Ceramic+ brake pads for 4WDs and SUVs; Euro-Line brake disc rotors for European vehicles; Evolve Performance+ brake pads for superior braking while street driving; and Evolve F2S Street Performance high-carbon brake disc rotors for advanced braking characteristics in high demand driving conditions.

ICER Brakes is one of Europe’s leading independent brake manufacturers with great value for the money, says CoolDrive.

Project-Mu, originating in Japan, is a specialist manufacturer that offers performance brake upgrade kits, top-quality motorsport pads, OEM street replacement pads and discs, and more.

Brembo has brake discs and pads in its Low-Metallic, NAO, and Xtra ranges with a focus on high performance and minimal noise.

The headliner of the Bosch braking range at CoolDrive is the Blue-Line range of brake pads, which are ideal for Australian, European, and Asian vehicles.

Fremax brake discs and drums combine innovation, quality, and safety. Every brake disc rotor in its range is High-Carbon as standard with a patented groove on the surface face that allows for faster bedding in.

Hulk 4×4
Then there’s CoolDrive’s own Hulk 4×4 range, featuring the performance-boosting Big Brake Upgrade kits with forged six piston calipers for the front slotted and dimpled rotors, rear brake drum to disc conversions, pad and rotor upgrades and dual diaphragm brake boosters.

Wrapping up the main product lines are the Stolz FEX and SFZ premium performance braking system upgrades for a host of applications, including general and sports driving.

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