The GYS product range has expanded at CoolDrive

The family-owned CoolDrive Auto Parts has recently welcomed the GYSCAP 680E battery-less supercapacitor booster to its portfolio.
The GYSCAP 680E is available in two models, 12V or 24V for vehicles running two 12V batteries, with both utilising supercapacitor technology (without batteries) to provide instant starting power.
The units do this by using energy from a vehicle with the engine running to automatically charge themselves, subsequently using this energy to start another vehicle.
The GYSCAP 680E is fully autonomous and does not need to be connected to mains power, making it ideal for mobile mechanics, recovery vehicles, or fleet operators.
Designed with battery-free technology, the 12V GYSCAP 680E is fitted with five supercapacitors and the 24V with ten, which guarantee a lifetime of 1,000,000 charge-and-discharge cycles.
The 12V delivers energy of 1,600A at start-up and 9,000A at peak, while the 24V delivers energy at 2,500A at start-up and 10,000A at peak.
Both units offer two start-up modes, automatic or forcing (SOS) for vehicles equipped with deep-discharge batteries, as well as three charging options.
Equipped with a smart starter management system, the GYSCAP 680E automatically detects any operating fault to protect against short circuits, polarity reversal, or wrong voltage selection, and alters the user for optimal safety.
The intuitive interface incorporates a digital display which shows the capacitor’s charge, and the vehicle battery’s state of charge and alternator, indicated by the LED bar graph.
Designed and made in France, CoolDrive Auto Parts says the GYSCAP 680E is incredibly robust and can be used in extreme environments, such as in the rain, snow, or mud.
It states the units are ideal for site use, and can be stored in any position, at any temperature ranging from -40°C to +65°C for extended periods of time without the need for maintenance.
The 12V unit is lightweight at only 8.2kg and comes in a reinforced plastic shell with 100 percent copper cables, 25mm² cross-section and 170cm length, and fully insulated curved brass clamps.
The 24V unit is housed in a steel and aluminium shell, with 100 percent copper cables, 50mm² cross section and 2m length, and fully insulated clamps.
Also available from CoolDrive in the GYS range are the GYS DIAG-STARTIUM 3-in-1 advanced battery maintenance systems, its Flash Battery Support Units, and Powerduction Induction Heat Tool products.

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