An extended product range means your brake needs are covered, says CoolDrive

CoolDrive Auto Parts says it has quickly established itself as a market leader in brakes, following an extension expansion to its product range in 2020.
The CoolDrive braking range features the latest products from leading global brands including Bremtec, Brembo, Bosch, Fremax, Akebono, HULK 4×4 and Stolz, covering an impressive range of street, performance and track products.
Headlining the 2021 braking range at CoolDrive are the newly updated Bremtec brake pad and rotor ranges, with over 1,500 part numbers covering 21.5 million cars, offering cleaner, quieter and safer braking.
Bremtec’s TRADE-LINE Ceramic+ brake pads contain a new advanced Ceramic+ formulation, reportedly offering significantly less dust, reduced brake pad and rotor wear, while still offering the optimum balance of comfort and durability.
PRO-LINE Ceramic+ brake pads are Bremtec’s new Heavy-Duty brake pads, engineered for the ultimate braking performance, with the new advanced friction formulation delivering improved stopping distances and a longer life, while virtually eliminating unwanted brake dust.
Born from racing technology, the newly released Bremtec Evolve F2S range of Performance rotors are engineered with unique HPC (Hyper Pillar Cooling) venting for improved air flow to resist cracking and metal fatigue. Featuring Bremtec’s hyper groove slotting for better braking consistency, the Evolve F2S rotors have a brake temperature paint applied to the edge of the rotor to easily monitor effects of driving styles.
New additions to CoolDrive in 2021 were Brembo brake discs and pads, which provide coverage to an impressive 96 percent of the Australian car parc.
With a reputation founded on unique working relationships developed with over 30 global automotive manufacturers, CoolDrive says Brembo’s products deliver OE-quality, resulting from years of research and development, laboratory, and road testing.
Brembo brake pads are available in Low-Metallic, NAO and Xtra ranges, with Brembo reportedly matching the ideal friction material to each application, all while offering high performance and minimal noise.
Also available is the Brembo high performance range of brake upgrades, which have been designed and tested specifically for track day enthusiasts, club racing and for drivers who demand the utmost performance for their cars.
CoolDrive also stocks the latest offering from Bosch, headlined by the Blue-Line range of brake pads, perfect for Australian, Asian and European vehicles.
The OE quality parts are available in an assortment of friction materials, including ceramic, copper-free ceramic, and low metallic, with the product line delivering benefits such as smooth, quiet stopping power, all while lowering rotor wear.
Reinforcing CoolDrive’s braking reputation is the Fremax range of brake discs and drums, which have earned a solid reputation over the past 30 years of production, with the company manufacturing more than 5,000,000 pieces annually for over 1,800 applications.
CoolDrive Auto Parts says Fremax components offer an ideal combination of quality, innovation and safety, with all of its brake disc rotors being High-Carbon as standard, with a patented groove on the surface face for faster bedding in.
Akebono – said to be the number one choice for OEMs in Japan and North America – offers brake pads that provide up to 50 percent longer lasting wear, while virtually eliminating dust and providing a smooth and quiet ride.
The four-wheel drive market is also catered for with CoolDrive’s own HULK 4×4 range, which is said to offer a big performance boost through Big Brake Upgrade Kits featuring forged six piston calipers for the front slotted and dimpled rotors, rear brake drum to disc conversions, pad and rotor upgrades and dual diaphragm brake boosters.
Wrapping up the main product lines at CoolDrive are the Stolz SFZ and FEX Series premium performance braking system upgrades for a host of applications.
Completing the offering for workshops is an extensive range of quality consumables that get the job done right, including brake fluids, cleaners, greases, and lubes.

For more information or to obtain a copy of the CoolDrive Brakes Program Guide, visit or contact your local CoolDrive Auto Parts branch.