The range of PROADAS solutions at Corghi has grown

Corghi – which says it is renowned the world over for innovation, quality and precision – has recently announced that it will expand its product range with the launch of the new PROADAS START equipment.
PROADAS is a universal modular system developed for the verification and calibration of driver assistance systems or front sensors, the verification of the alignment status and the complete wheel alignment service on multi-brand cars and commercial vehicles.
The system allows the calibration of front sensors, including Camera, Radar and Lidar.
“Our new PROADAS START offering is specifically designed for all those who want to get to know the ADAS world through an easy-to-use solution, as all the key features of the RS configuration are included,” Corghi Australia General Manager, Andrew Cornwell, said.
“Special grips enable accurate system positioning, while information provided by the integrated wireless devices make it all really intuitive to operate.”

Corghi’s new PROADAS START includes an integrated patented software system that controls positioning in real time. It can also be upgraded to PROADAS RS configuration to include Toe Control and Wheel Aligner Service.
“PROADAS is compatible with most of the wheel aligners produced by Nexion Group,” Andrew said.
“Using the cameras or the CCD sensors on the wheel aligner, it is possible to align the PROADAS system with the vehicle to be calibrated.”
When the alignment is complete, the software checks for the presence of ADAS sensors and transfers any data on the vehicle to the PROADAS software over Wi-Fi.
“This avoids increases productivity by saving the operator from having to select the vehicle again in the database,” Andrew said.
In addition to PROADAS START, Corghi has launched the new SCE 700 equipment for the calibration of ADAS sensors, AVM Cameras (360°), Rear Camera and Blind Spot Detection (BSD) radar sensors on VAG Group vehicles.
“With the PROADAS software it is possible to check the system alignment status, thus making the positioning process easy, accurate and fast,” Andrew said.

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