SGF says you should be wary of unspecified replacement driveshaft flexible couplings

Flexible Couplings are considered an extremely sensitive and key component in a vehicle’s drivetrain.
SGF says original couplings are vehicle specific and are tuned and balanced to reduce or eliminate the vibration and disturbing harmonic frequencies generated at different RPMs, and of course to withstand the maximum torque generated by the engine.
SGF says you should beware of copy couplings that can cause vibration and noise issues and, in most cases, early failure.
Generally, it says many other low-quality couplings in the market take a convenient ‘one coupling fits many applications’ approach that is prone with potential NVH problems.
SGF says its couplings are OE and supplied to many OEMs around the world. It states each coupling is specifically engineered and NVH tuned for a particular vehicle model.
SGF is a German company specialising in torque transmission and anti-vibration solutions.
Unlike many copy couplings available, SGF says it utilises its trademark Tenpu fibre technology: a combination of cord inlays vulcanised within select rubber compounds that operate in tension rather than pressure or shear load.
It says the Tempo fibre reinforcement fibres transmit the majority of the torque whilst the design enables the tuning of the coupling for the specific reduction of each vehicle’s NVH characteristics, resulting in optimal damping and the elimination or reduction of noise and vibration, improved tolerance to shock loads and compensation of radial, axial and angular misalignments. Its couplings also have a high-power density ratio.

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