The Association was overwhelmed recently by the high level of interest in its Board elections

A total of eight nominations were received from an outstanding field of candidates for three positions on the AAAA Board.
At the 40th Annual General Meeting of the AAAA on Monday the 19th of October, the AAAA announced and congratulated the three current members of the Board that were re-elected:
• Wayne Bryant – Executive General Manager, Repco Australia
• Janelle Gonzalez – CEO, Blue Toro
• Adam Pay – Managing Director, mycar Tyre & Auto Service
“Wayne, Janelle and Adam have already contributed fantastic value to the AAAA during their time on the Board,” AAAA Chief Executive Officer, Stuart Charity, said.
“We are delighted that they will have the opportunity to continue their commitment to serving AAAA members and our shared purpose over the next three years.”
The Board also made the decision to co-opt Supercheap Auto General Manager Merchandise, Steve Lewis, as its 12th Director.
“Supercheap Auto is a major employer in the aftermarket industry and Steve brings a retailer perspective to the Board that will complement our GPC and Bapcor representatives,” Stuart said.
“Steve has also served as a Board Member of the Plumbing Merchants Association which will add valuable external experience and a fresh perspective to AAAA Board deliberations.”

The AAAA looks forward to working together to progress member interests and the prosperity of the Australian automotive aftermarket, through its Board and the broader aftermarket community.
“I believe this result was a strong vote of confidence from the membership in the current Board and the direction of the Association,” Stuart said at the AGM.
“It is fantastic to have such a talented group of passionate industry people leading us at this crucial time in the evolution of the industry and our Association and I look forward to working with you all.
“Our Association is very fortunate to enjoy outstanding leadership from our Board and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mark Pedder (Chairman) and the entire Board for their invaluable contribution and their unwavering support of myself and the National Office team.  
“Our industry is fortunate to have such talented people prepared to voluntarily provide their time, expertise and insights to assist in the growth and development of the overall industry.”
Although unsuccessful in this instance, the AAAA would like to sincerely thank Ryan Davis, Nigel Oborne, Steve Santamaria and Kate Tomas for their nominations. The AAAA acknowledges the time and effort that went into preparing their nominations and is very pleased to have such highly respected leaders as part of the AAAA community.

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