Speedflow has enjoyed a four-decade journey in automotive mastery

Tucked away in Taree in regional New South Wales exists an innovative family business that has pushed the boundaries of automotive performance for more than four decades.
This is the home of Speedflow. Proudly Australian-owned, Speedflow says it has set the benchmark for quality and service in the highly competitive hose fitting technologies market.
Speedflow’s success is based on a combination of vision, ambition, and an unwavering dedication to excellence.
Established in 1983 by Barry Garside, the company has come a long way from its early days.
“Barry had a passion for boat racing and a wealth of experience in hydraulics,” Speedflow Managing Director, Shaun Liefting, said.
“He saw the need for a locally produced product built to exacting specifications, from quality raw materials, and took the initiative to fill that void.”
Speedflow’s journey from a budding enterprise to an industry leader is a narrative rich with innovation, growth, and strategic foresight, and the Liefting family has been a part of the story from the outset.
“Our family business was one of the first retailers to stock and sell Speedflow products,” Speedflow Director and Shaun’s brother, Travis Liefting, said.
Over 40 years, Speedflow has grown to become one of the larger employers in Taree.
“We’ve been on the same street since the beginning,” Shaun said.
“Over the years, we’ve expanded our footprint here, acquiring adjacent properties to accommodate our growing operations.”
Starting with a handful of CNC machines and a small team, today the business runs over 30 CNC machines and has a dedicated team about to tip over 40. Speedflow’s expansion is a testament to its success.
The company’s cornerstone range has always been hose fittings, and Speedflow’s dedicated R and D team continually pushes the boundaries to ensure they retain their hard-earned reputation as the global market leader.
“We don’t follow the trends. We set them,” Travis said.
“Our commitment to research and development has made us a name to reckon with, even among our competitors, some of whom we supply.
“Quality begins with the raw material, and Speedflow sources only the finest from a hand-picked selection of Australian and international suppliers.
“Our quality control is rigorous, ensuring that every product that leaves our facility embodies our high standards.”
“Every step, from machining to anodising, from assembly to testing, is performed in-house,” Travis said.
“This allows us to ensure that our products set the standard for quality and performance.”

A team boasting decades of collective experience echoes this commitment to quality.
“Our staff are the pillars of Speedflow,” Shaun said.
“Many have been with us for more than 20 years, contributing their expertise and sharing our vision for excellence.”
With deep roots in motorsports and performance vehicles, Speedflow’s products are diverse, covering the full spectrum of fluid transfer requirements, from fuel and oil delivery to air and water and even air conditioning and power steering.
“In addition to servicing the automotive aftermarket, our reach now extends to defence and aerospace,” Shaun said.
“I still have to pinch myself when I think our products have journeyed to space.”
Speedflow says the depth of its manufacturing capability is unparalleled in Australia.
“We are unique in our field, especially in the scale at which we operate,” Travis said.
“While there may be niche players, no one else in Australia matches our manufacturing base, experience or expertise.”
Fuelled by a passion for motorsport, inherited from their father that now extends across three generations, squeezing the last drop of speed and performance out of a vehicle is more than just a hobby – it is the heartbeat of the company.
Shaun and Travis have been actively involved in drag racing for longer than they care to remember.
Shaun currently runs an altered ‘beast’ in the Supercharged Outlaw series. It is equipped with a Noonan Hemi, which has often served as a test mule for developing new products.
While Travis has hung up the helmet for now, he’s mentoring the next generation of drag racing champions, supporting his daughters as they compete in the National Junior Dragster Championship.
“Racing drives innovation and ensures that we stay ahead of the curve,” Travis said.
“We understand the needs of racers because we are racers ourselves.”
Strategically, Speedflow remains steadfast in its core mission to manufacture in Australia and to produce unparalleled quality.
“Our vision is grand,” Shaun said.
“We aim to continue our reign as the world’s finest manufacturer of hose fitting technologies, and every action we take is a step toward that goal.”
Ethics, loyalty, and a community-driven approach define Speedflow’s business ethos.
“Our methods are rooted in a straightforward, ethical way of doing business,” Shaun said.
“We’re committed to the people who stand with us. Our ethos extends beyond transactions; it is about cultivating relationships and contributing to our local community.”

This sense of community and passion is not confined to the walls of Speedflow either – it extends to the racetrack, where both Shaun and Travis have left their mark.
“Racing is in our blood and our involvement provides invaluable insights into R&D, ensuring that what we create can withstand the rigours of high-performance motorsports,” Travis said.
The brothers state Speedflow’s manufacturing quality is equalled only by its commitment to stock availability.
”We manufacture over 7,000 components, and our goal is to have our full catalogue of stock on the shelf at all times,” Travis said.
“It is a challenge, but our team works tirelessly to ensure that we meet our customers’ needs promptly and efficiently.”
The focus on customer service is paramount. With a network of experienced distributors and a technical call centre that has been offering advice for decades, Speedflow prides itself on being accessible to its customers.
“Whether through trade shows, our comprehensive catalogue or access to aftersales support, we aim to provide the best customer service in the industry,” Shaun said.
The Liefting family approach has proven to be more than just successful; it has been transformative.
“Fifteen years ago, our family took a significant step by acquiring the business outright,” Shaun said.
“It gave us the impetus to reshape our strategies, emphasising stock availability and customer support, aspects we understood well from our retail background.”
This customer-centric approach has also led to Speedflow’s active role in problem-solving, even beyond business hours.
“We’ve been in those tight spots, and we know how crucial timely assistance can be,” Travis said.
“Helping someone out, contributing to their project, it is part of our commitment to the community.”
Quality assurance becomes particularly significant when considering the potential consequences of product failure in high-stakes environments.
“The word ‘catastrophic’ isn’t used lightly,” Shaun says gravely.
“Our products carry the lifeblood of the engine, akin to the heart and veins of a living being. It is a responsibility we take very seriously.”
Looking ahead, Speedflow is mindful of the shifting automotive landscape.
“The future of the internal combustion engine is uncertain, with electric vehicles on the rise,” Travis said.
“But we’re poised to adapt. Our products are versatile, and we are exploring new avenues in various industries, including aerospace and defence.”
Despite the challenges, opportunities abound.
“We’re already working with companies in Europe on EVs, and we’re excited about the potential this brings,” Shaun said.
Speedflow’s relationship with the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) further underscores its commitment to industry excellence.
“The AAAA has been a conduit for invaluable connections and resources,” Shaun said.
“It is a community that fosters growth and collaboration.”
Speedflow’s journey isn’t just about creating fittings; it is about setting the pace for an industry, a deep-rooted passion for motorsport and a relentless pursuit of performance under pressure.
As Shaun says, “we’re not just building products; we’re engineering a legacy. At Speedflow, we’re racing towards the future, and the finish line is excellence.”

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