CRC Industries Australia has introduced seven leading ADOS adhesives to its product portfolio

CRC Industries Australia says ADOS is an iconic brand which was founded in New Zealand 60 years ago and purchased by CRC in 1996.
“Meeting the needs of the trade as well as the do-it-your-selfer, these high performance and innovative new products have put CRC at the pinnacle of specialist adhesives. Thanks to the addition of these new products, CRC Industries Australia’s Adhesives Range now includes contact adhesives and pipe cement for almost every possible application,” CRC Industries Australia Managing Director, Murray Walbran, said.
The new adhesive products to be introduced to the CRC Industries Australia portfolio of products are as follows.
• CRC F2 Multi-Purpose Contact Adhesive – a high performance general-purpose contact adhesive which is water resistant and flexible with a high bond strength which makes it ideal for a wide range of uses. CRC F2 is easily applied, highly versatile, durable and bonds instantly to most materials and substrates.
• CRC F3 Non-Drip Contact Adhesive – a thixotropic, high-strength contact adhesive formulated to be non-spill and non-drip, providing greater control of application and better coverage. Its gel form makes it ideal for vertical and ceiling applications and for bonding onto porous surfaces.
• CRC PVC Pipe Cement – a general purpose, clear PVC adhesive which has been specially formulated for sealing and bonding joints in PVC guttering, conduit, waste bowls, standard low pressure pipe systems and more. It is a blend of three aggressive solvents with sufficient resin to provide a brushing consistency.
• CRC Multi Purpose Spray Adhesive – this adhesive bonds most materials quickly and easily, giving a long lasting bond. It is formulated to give a fast tack off, low soak spray and dries clear. It is a pressure sensitive one-way adhesive that remains repositionable for one to two minutes, eliminating costly errors with expensive materials.
• CRC Ultra High Strength Aerosol Adhesive – this product gives an immediate and permanent bond on a wide variety of surfaces. It is formulated to give low soak, cure fast, dry clear and be non-staining. It is plasticiser safe, easy to use with no clamping provided and boasts a high heat resistance of up to 75°C.
• CRC Stuff Off Adhesive Remover – a powerful remover which has been designed to soften or dissolve most adhesives and paints as well as uncured laminating resins and uncured sealants. It also removes paint spills, graffiti, inks and grease and is ideal for use on metal, wood, fabric, carpet, stone, brick and steel surfaces.
• CRC MS High Performance Adhesive Sealant – a high performance, one-component neutral curing adhesive sealant based on MS Polymers. It has excellent primer-less adhesion to all materials commonly used in the demanding building, construction and engineering industries.

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