Australasia’s largest automotive cooperative, Capricorn, is 100 percent owned by its Members

Therefore, Capricorn says that it makes perfect sense that Capricorn Members, who are also the company’s Shareholders, are able to create wealth from the cooperative’s business success across Australia and New Zealand.
Capricorn is all about helping its Members to run and grow their businesses, while also creating wealth for them over the long term.
Trade account business loyalty is the key to creating additional long-term wealth with Capricorn. Once a Capricorn Member has qualified to purchase shares, the Member is invited to directly benefit from the success of the cooperative. This is done by purchasing Capricorn shares.
The amount of Capricorn shares that can be acquired is largely dependent on the amount spent using a Member’s Capricorn Trade Account. The annual Capricorn Wealth Certificate clearly shows that you don’t have to operate a huge business to gain significant annual financial benefit from your shareholding’s dividend payments as built over time.
The Capricorn Wealth Certificate outlines each Member’s shareholding, dividend paid, reward points earnt, spent and the Member’s points balance, over a set period of time. Capricorn paid on average $2m monthly to Members in reward points alone during the last financial year.
Capricorn reports that there are “countless” stories of Members across Australia and New Zealand who are generating a significant retirement nest-egg from their shareholdings. This is wealth that is generated simply by operating their businesses using their Capricorn Trade Account for all their business needs from the vast list of Capricorn Preferred Suppliers. It also includes their spend on those valuable Member benefits like Capricorn Risk Services, Equipment Finance – even booking a trip with Capricorn Travel.
For some Members, the wealth generated through their Capricorn shareholdings is used to pay for annual holidays, while for others, the shareholdings are kept in accumulation for retirement. By constantly using their Capricorn Trade Account for business purchases, along with the normal generous accrual of 1.5 reward points per dollar spent on eligible purchases, Members have the opportunity to benefit financially from how they do business.
Capricorn Members such as Klaus Hornberger, proprietor of Eurogerm Car Repairs in Bayswater, (VIC), is delighted with his investment in Capricorn.
“I started with 500 shares some twenty years ago and have grown my shareholding significantly since then,” Klaus said.
“We have no other investments that return such strong dividends and we keep earning Capricorn Rewards Points through the use of Capricorn Preferred Suppliers to run our business along with using Capricorn Risk Services for our protection needs, which enables me to constantly increase my shareholding.
“I am very happy with the investment that I have made and the financial returns that have been generated from my Capricorn shareholding. Capricorn have made it so incredibly easy to do business with them as well.”
Peter Wilson, proprietor of Reliable Automotive Servicing in Lilydale (VIC) is also a long term Capricorn shareholder who is using his Capricorn shareholding to provide funds as a retirement nest-egg.
“I have accumulated my shares over the years. For me, this is the development of a retirement nest-egg, a compounding investment that comes out of purchasing of the parts and essentials that I need to run my business from Capricorn Preferred Suppliers,” Peter said.
“I consider my investment in Capricorn as a bonus for running my own business – it is without a doubt the easiest investment that I have ever made.”
“Capricorn Members are at the centre of everything we do and we are certainly proud of the financial benefits that have been delivered to Members through our Reward Point Program and Dividend Program,” Capricorn Group CEO, Greg Wall, said.
“Capricorn is all about making it just easier for our Members to run and grow their business. The financial returns from making the decision to be part of Capricorn makes the decision to join just easier as well”.


Capricorn has always placed a great deal of emphasis on the opinions and ideas of its Members. It says this philosophy has always made perfect sense, given that the whole reason why Capricorn exists is for the benefit of its Members, who also are the owners of this incredibly successful cooperative.
To regularly gain the opinions of its Members, Capricorn has launched a new online Member community platform called ‘The Workshop’, a place where Members can come together to share thoughts and ideas on anything and everything to do with Capricorn. By spending just five minutes per month in The Workshop, members can help shape the future of the cooperative.
The Workshop enables Capricorn Members across Australia and New Zealand to have a say in how the other business they own, Capricorn, is run to make it even easier for them to do business.
According to Capricorn Group Chief Executive Officer, Greg Wall, The Workshop provides a real time, fast and easy method for Members to voice their valued opinions directly to Capricorn.
“Our Members are the whole reason why we exist and everything that we do at Capricorn is designed to make business easier for them,” Greg said.
“In order to further improve our services and to gain new ideas from our Members, we have established this easy to use Capricorn Member online community platform.
“The Workshop provides us with direct Member feedback to shape an even more exciting, efficient and rewarding future ahead.”
The Workshop will feature different Capricorn topics each month, topics in which Capricorn Members can vote, express opinions and submit their own ideas about.
“I am sure that our Members will be very surprised with the differences that can be made by spending five minutes a month to make their thoughts known at The Workshop,” Greg said.
“We look forward to our Members making the most of this important online information and feedback platform now and well into the future.”

Members can access the Workshop via the Capricorn website,


Finance options are available from Capricorn for updating servicing and repair capabilities
Capricorn is always encouraging its Members to stay ahead of the game when it comes to the running of their businesses.
With automotive repair and servicing technology constantly advancing, it is important for businesses to be sure that they are continually updating their plant, equipment and tools.
To assist Capricorn Members to make necessary investments in their businesses, Capricorn offers its Members finance options to assist in updating their servicing and repair capabilities throughout the year.
There is no better time than now to invest in your business, with the Federal Government’s $20,000 equipment and business asset investment tax offset incentive.
The importance of investing in your business’ future cannot be understated, particularly with the constantly evolving technology and expertise required to service the vast number of vehicle makes and models on Australia’s roads.
Investing in your business through replacement of worn or dated equipment also enhances workplace safety and productivity, two factors that form the fundamental pillars of small business success.
Whether a Capricorn Member’s workshop needs a new hoist, wheel balancer, state of the art diagnostic scan tools or other important equipment items, Capricorn is ready to support its Members with various business equipment finance options.

For further information about business equipment finance options or other benefits of being a Capricorn Member contact the Capricorn Customer Service team on 1800 327 437. To find out more about Capricorn, visit or to join Capricorn, email