Power to go, wherever you are

CTEK has launched what it says is the world’s first battery charger and maintainer with revolutionary Adaptive Boost technology in Australia. 
It says it is this Adaptive Boost technology that allows the innovative new charger to get a flat battery going quickly and safely – without the need for plugging into mains power, as it is a portable charger you can use wherever you go.
The CS FREE features an internal lithium battery that charges the battery through the unit’s fast USB-C input, and when fully charged, the unit will reportedly hold its charge for up to a year, allowing it to be stored in a vehicle for whenever it is needed.
Unlike traditional boosters or jump starters, CTEK says the CS FREE analyses the battery using Adaptive Boost technology, which works out the quickest and safest way to power up and protect the battery to get motorists back on the road within 15 minutes, without damaging the battery or the vehicle’s electronics.
In addition to its portable capabilities, when plugged into mains power the new CS FREE acts as a maintenance charger, allowing it to be a complete three in one product that is capable of maintaining the long-term health of your battery.
For the modern workshop, CTEK says this useful tool is perfect for use for day-to-day maintenance charging, while also having the benefit of portability for battery related issues when testing out on the road.

To learn more about the new CS FREE, see here in the AAAA’s annual 4WD Special or visit www.ctek.com.au