The company has launched its new D250SE and Smartpass 120S in time for Summer

Ctek, a leading global brand in the care and maintenance of vehicle batteries, has launched its new D250SE battery charger and Smartpass 120S in Australia.
Designed to maximise the performance of leisure batteries, Ctek says these latest product upgrades make 4×4 adventures now even more accessible for Australians heading off-road.
The D250SE is an evolution of the popular D250SA model, now with the added capability of charging lithium (12V LiFePO4) batteries, in addition to regular and AGM battery types. The Smartpass 120S, an evolution of the Smartpass 120, is now smart alternator compatible. 
Designed to maximise the performance of leisure batteries and provide information about the state of battery charge, the new model upgrades are designed to meet the increasingly advanced technology needs of Australia’s 4×4 off-roaders and adventurers, without compromise.
Whether out on a weekend drive into the wilderness, camping with the family, or fishing with friends; Ctek says an on-board charging system equipped for meeting larger power requirements, and ensuring a constant power supply, is needed. Further, it says the new D250SE is also the perfect tool for the modern work van, keeping set up fully-charged between jobs. 
Compatible with smart alternators, the D250SE is said to be an easy to install solution that delivers a powerful 20A of power for charging, conditioning and maintaining any 12V lead acid or Lithium LiFePO4 service battery whilst on the move. Its dual input capability means it can also draw power from solar sources, allowing an easy connection to solar panels, harnessing the sun’s rays for the ultimate off-grid camping set up. Key features include:
• Flexible charging: an in-built temperature sensor compensates for hot or cold conditions, so batteries are fully charged in the shortest possible time without the risk of over or under charging. It has three specially developed charging modes: normal (14.4V), AGM (14.7V) and lithium (12V LiFePO4).
• Direct connection for solar power: input for connecting solar panels without the need for a regulator. It also features a Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) to get the maximum power from solar panels.
• Smart alternator compatibility: smart alternators deliver a variable output and are shut off when they’re not needed. The D250SE will still operate even when there is low alternator output, and maintain a stable output of up to 20A to fully charge the battery in the shortest time.

The Smartpass 120S is a fully automatic 120A power management system that distributes power between the starter battery, the service battery and on-board equipment, separating critical equipment from non-critical equipment to ensure the radio, emergency lights and navigation systems always have power. Key features include:
• Smart alternator compatibility: continuing to deliver power to the service battery even when there is low alternator output.
• Current source priority: supplies power to critical equipment directly from the alternator when the engine is running. This means critical functions like starters, radios, emergency lights and communication systems always have the power they need, and take priority over non-critical functions.
• Start assistance: uses power from the service battery to help get the engine started if the starter battery is flat.  
“Both of these unique products have been developed to work as standalone units or together as a complete system. Combined together, this powerful, safe and flexible charging solution gives you the ability to manage and control your power more effectively,” Ctek Asia Pacific Director of Sales and Marketing, Robert Briggs, said.  
“The traditional outdoor adventure has evolved. We no longer need to go without creature comforts when out on road-trips and family camping adventures; technology allows us to keep both vehicle and electricals charged, for the most advanced, versatile, and comfortable set up. Australia is the perfect place for outdoor adventures, so we’re delighted to bring these new, industry-leading products to the country.” 
The new CTEK D250SE and Smartpass 120S come with two-year warranties and are available to purchase from Repco at $499 AUD and $530 respectively. 

For more information, visit www.ctek.com/au