CTEK says the PRO60 is the perfect power supply for diagnostic or software flashing work

Improving productivity and efficiency of the modern workshop is driving new year strategic priorities for many workshop managers, as they look to enhance their service and improve profitability in 2018.
In order to manage their businesses more effectively, meeting the ever-increasing complexity of modern vehicles, workshops are looking for easy-to-use, advanced battery management technology, which saves time and money.
Increasingly, a common problem for modern workshops today, is that around one in four vehicles entering the workshop has an undercharged battery, resulting in premature battery failure during a service, especially diagnostic work.
Workshops are investing in battery management technology that provide advanced battery support during servicing and diagnostic work and they want these tools to be easy to use and require minimal training, so their staff can get back to servicing vehicles quicker.
“Making it easier for workshops to maintain and support batteries during the diagnostic process, was a key driver in developing the PRO60,” CTEK Director of Sales and Marketing Asia Pacific, Robert Briggs, said.
“The PRO60 is the complete solution for comprehensive battery charging, maintenance and support. This advanced battery management tool provides fast, efficient and safe battery charging that supports batteries during diagnostic servicing.”
Fault-finding with diagnostic tools should only be carried out whilst the vehicle is connected to an adequate and stable source of power to avoid inaccurate data being sent back to the diagnostic device. Similarly, a precise and stable voltage is necessary during ECU programming to avoid irreparable damage to the vehicle’s electronic control systems, your reputation and repeat business.
CTEK says the PRO60 is the perfect power supply for diagnostic or software flashing work. With its variable, yet extremely stable output, due to its low voltage, current ripple and integrated safety features; it is safe for the battery and for vehicle electronics.
It provides a stable voltage and up to 60amps of fully regulated power to prevent loss of charge and damage to the battery – it’s ideal for a wide range of batteries (up to 1,800 AH) and a wide range of vehicles with even the highest power demands.
The PRO60 offers total flexibility for the user with 12.6V to 14.8V available, selectable in 0.1V increments. The PRO60 features two Power Supply modes depending on whether or not the battery is present in the vehicle. If the battery needs to be removed, a ‘Memory Saver’ Power Supply mode allows preservation of vehicle settings.

Products that are quick and easy to use enhance workshop productivity
Taking time to train and upskill current and future staff on new workshop products, can cost valuable time and money. By carefully selecting an innovative battery management tool that requires minimal training- due to its simplicity of use, means your team can get back to what they do best, fast, says CTEK.
“In order to maintain and increase their profits, workshop managers work long hours, focussed on the productivity of their workshops. To meet the continually changing needs of the modern workshop, CTEK has created the innovative PRO60, that offers better efficiency, ease of use and requires less training for future and current staff,” Robert said.
“Combining technologically advanced products like the PRO60 and employee productivity, can make a significant contribution to improving the overall productivity of a workshop.”
The PRO60 is designed to be user friendly due to its simple user interface with just four buttons and a clear LCD display. The Adaptive Charging mode automatically recognises the size of the battery and selects the optimum charging settings for the fastest charge.
Its rugged impact-resistant polycarbonate casing incorporates a folding carrying handle, making it highly portable and it is supplied with 5m cables and heavy-duty clamps. A wall mount and trolley are available as optional accessories.
The CTEK PRO60 restores, charges and reconditions the battery using a patented multi-step charging process and is compatible with all types of 12V batteries, including AGM and EFB batteries for stop-start vehicles and Lithium LiFePO4. It’s suitable for all sizes of batteries from 10Ah to 1,800Ah (15Ah to 600Ah LiFePO4), making the PRO60 the only battery management tool a workshop will need, says CTEK.
By combining the advanced management support and the improved productivity gains from the CTEK PRO60, CTEK says workshops can save time, money and protect their reputation.

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