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In a further expansion to its Tools and Equipment category, CoolDrive Auto Parts has welcomed the newest graphing multimeter from Curien to its shelves. 
CoolDrive Auto Parts states that the all-new N2 Neuron is the industry’s first dual channel Bluetooth graphing multimeter with iOS and Android applications, delivering electrical testing accuracy and versatility in the palm of a hand. 
A Dual Channel wireless graphing meter, it is built “workshop tough” and “ready for any situation – to provide the right readings and the right measurements, the first time.” 
Versatile, the N2 Neuron wirelessly connects to any smart device, existing android or iOS devices including mobile phones, tablets and PCs and diagnostic scan tools. 
Measurements determined by the multimeter are available in volts, ohms and amps to allow testing of motors, wires, components, sensors, batteries and more. 
A multitude of dedicated tests can be conducted using the N2 Neuron, such as diagnosing parasitic draws, battery systems, charging systems, ignition systems, heating and air conditioning systems, and power factor testing.
The two voltmeters contained with the unit allow for transducer and voltage measurements to be used simultaneously for data relationships, efficiency testing and other advanced understandings. 
With simultaneous dual channel read-outs, the multimeter allows the user to determine how one circuit affects another, making it incredibly useful within the workshop environment, explains CoolDrive Auto Parts. 
Additional benefits of the N2 Neuron include data logging and shareable options via an additional SD card, true RMS readings, zoomable graphing and wireless app updates, which allow users to stay up to date on the latest repair procedures and diagnostic tips. 
Users can also use larger screens that they may already own for real time reading, wave form analysis, graphing and logging. 
There is also a dedicated Curien Community where users can view and share real case studies, tutorials and wave forms  with other technicians globally, as well as seek assistance and troubleshoot. 
Optional accessories also available from CoolDrive include a low amp clamp, N2 magnetic boot and round terminal pin test kit. 

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