The Opus IVS team will be available at Autocare 2023

The Australian automotive diagnostics market is experiencing a period of rapid growth and transformation. As the country’s automotive industry continues to evolve and change, there is an increasing demand for advanced diagnostic tools that can help technicians identify and resolve vehicle issues quickly and efficiently.
One of the key drivers behind this demand is the increasing complexity of modern cars. With on-board computer systems, sensors, and advanced electronics, vehicles are becoming more difficult to diagnose and repair. As a result, technicians require access to advanced and sophisticated diagnostic tools that can help them identify and resolve issues with a great degree of accuracy.
Secondly, with cars on the road averaging an age of 10.2 years (which is increasing with the used car sales boom), consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of regular service and maintenance and are turning to independent garages to keep their four wheels on the ground.
Garage repair shops are therefore now relying heavily on in-depth diagnostics when supplying their customers with essential maintenance service. However, many are saying that diagnostics alone (no matter how in-depth) is not enough on its own.
“Yes, our customers use their DrivePro devices daily because it gives them in depth coverage, but they tell us that what’s even more invaluable is IVS 360,” Opus IVS General Manager, Chris Routledge, said.
“Having a behind-the-scenes team of brand-specific technicians to provide the actual repair needed is an invaluable service that helps them to drive up customer satisfaction rates through quick and efficient repairs.”
Connor Allbon of Broadway Auto Electric uses Opus IVS’ diagnostic solutions daily to speed up his repairs.
“I use the team at Opus IVS on a daily basis. Their IVS 360 service is second to none and I highly recommend them”,” Connor said.
“The idea behind having the most accurate technical support literally a phone call away is very powerful from a technician’s aspect.
“Pair that with the very powerful and versatile DrivePro diagnostic device, and you are already ahead of the game.
“With modern automotive as an entity constantly moving forward and progressing at a breakneck pace, the need for accurate diagnosis and preventative maintenance is higher than ever.
“The support from the Opus IVS team is from people not just with serious qualifications, but from technicians with real experiences gained in actual workshops – they are the go-to diagnostic provider!”
The Opus IVS team will be available at Autocare 2023 on Stand 61, showcasing its range of market leading diagnostic solutions.
Visitors will be able to see hands-on demonstrations of the “revolutionary” DrivePro diagnostics device, as well as talk to the team about industry trends and what’s next for the Australian automotive aftermarket.
“While progress has been made in advocating for a right to repair in Australia, it is still a developing area of law and policy,” Chris said.
“Therefore, it is important to stay up to date on any changes and consult with experts before making any decisions related to automotive repair.
“Our customers use us not just for diagnostics, but for repair support and guidance on what is happening in our industry – we’re happy to support! Join us at Autocare to see our solutions in action and to discuss trends.”
Opus IVS invites you to visit its team at Stand 61 for product demonstrations and diagnostic discussion.

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