Putting frequently required products within easy reach

Cyclo Australia says it is excited to release its new portable workstation can holders.
Cyclo explains that it is well known for its quality American-made products that save time and effort and says with this new product, it has just taken efficiency to another level.
The portable workstation can holders put the right products exactly where they need to be, within the technician’s reach.
Made of metal and coated in a scratch resistant coating, the can holders can be mounted onto tool boxes, rolling trollies, work benches and any other surface that is fit for purpose.
This means no more searching the workshop looking for those everyday products that someone has used and left on a different bench, as everything is in its place and there is a place for everything.
With more and more cost accountability required in today’s workshops, Cyclo says having each technician in charge of their own products helps with transparency for the amount of products used.
The Cyclo can holders are available for free as a bonus with one of the three box packs, Break-away, fast movers or the sampler back.
The Cyclo portable can holders can also be purchased wherever you purchase your Cyclo products.
The Cyclo Can holders will only be available for a short time, “but will last forever.”

For more information, please contact Cyclo Australia on 03 9702 4314 or