Exclusive to Adrad

With a heritage dating back to 1903 and manufacturing operations across the globe, Dana is one of the most respected names in the global automotive industry for both original equipment and aftermarket products.
Adrad reports it is pleased to announce it has secured the exclusive Australian distribution rights of Dana’s Tru-Cool range of engine and transmission oil coolers.
The company explains these aftermarket oil coolers are ideal for a variety of applications including trucks, vans, passenger vehicles and SUVs which are used for carrying heavy loads or towing duties.
The packaging for these coolers features the manufacturing name “Long” (owned by Dana), which was a Detroit-based parts manufacturer supplying America’s pioneer auto industry.
Over many years, Long’s reputation for quality engineering has reportedly seen the business grow to become a world-leading manufacturer of oil coolers with production exceeding 20 million units annually.

The preferred choice
Adrad says the Tru-Cool oil coolers have been the preferred choice of US vehicle manufacturers and repairers, car enthusiasts and motorsport teams for decades.
The standard transmission cooler in many vehicles is not designed to cope with extra demand, so prolonged driving with a higher temperature load on the transmission can lead to overheating which will increase wear and could lead to expensive repairs.
This is the reason why many vehicle manufacturers will recommend fitting an auxiliary transmission oil cooler when adding a tow bar and typically will include one in their optional accessory “towing pack.”
Dana Tru-Cool high quality coolers are available in a selection of sizes and styles to suit all manner of vehicles and include “Tru-Cool LPD” (Low Pressure Drop) and “Tru-Cool MAX” high performance variants. All products in the range have installation kits featuring hoses, mounting hardware and fittings either already included or available separately.
With high strength brazed construction in either a stacked plate or fin and plate arrangement, Adrad says Tru-Cool LPD products deliver 30 percent more cooling and 15 times less flow restriction than that provided by a traditional tube and fin design unit.
When it comes to vehicles that require superior cooling performance, Adrad says customers should opt for Dana’s Tru-Cool MAX unit. These units feature the same high strength brazed aluminium construction but offer double the cooling of the Tru-Cool LPD design.
The provided installation kit includes multiple fitting sizes and even a bypass to protect against cold start damage in severe winter conditions. The bypass will start to open at 82°C (180°F) and is fully open at 96°C (205°F).

Follow the rules
Adrad explains that there are some essential rules to follow when selecting an oil cooler.
As mentioned earlier, a larger size is not always going to provide better cooling. Adrad advises you to take note of the hose diameter that supplies your existing oil cooler, stating this hose diameter is often larger for diesel engines as their high torque can place more load on the transmission.
The hose fittings on your auxiliary oil cooler should not be smaller than the standard line diameter as this will restrict oil flow.
No matter which oil cooler is chosen, it needs to be correctly fitted and a good installation location is important to get the best cooling performance.
When installing an auxiliary oil cooler into a vehicle, it needs to be exposed to ram air in order for effective cooling to be delivered. If a location with good air flow is not available, this can be overcome by adding an electric cooling fan to the oil cooler.
Adrad says you should avoid disconnecting the existing oil cooler in the radiator tank unless the vehicle manufacturer recommends it. It states that leaving this in place will not only allow the cooler to continue functioning, but also assist in pre-heating the transmission after start-up to help it reach operating temperature quickly.
Mounting the oil cooler in front of the radiator is an acceptable location and has the advantage of allowing the radiator fan to boost air flow at slow driving speeds.
While it is true that heat released by the oil cooler will partly reduce the effectiveness of the radiator, it is also true that some of the heat load to the in-tank oil cooler is being removed, so overall the engine temperature should not increase by a significant amount.

Adrad explains that all Tru-Cool oil coolers are designed to deliver dependable auxiliary cooling that will protect engines and transmissions against overheating and premature wear.
At the same time, the range is also protected, with a 12 month warranty provided and supported by Adrad’s extensive nationwide network.
Dana Tru-Cool oil coolers are available from Natrad specialist workshops, Adrad Radiator Experts and independent repairers across Australia.

For details of your nearest stockist, please contact Adrad on 1800 882 043 or enquire at customerservice@adrad.com.au