Improvements have been necessitated due to increasing sales

Australian-owned and operated auto cooling manufacturer, Davies, Craig says it has now increased storage and production space in its modern warehouse to cater for “the seismic upward shift in sales growth.”
Davies, Craig says unprecedented sales activities over the past twelve months have necessitated the need to increase manufacturing levels and raise inventory of all EWP and Thermatic Fan build materials to cater for the increased demand for all Electric Water Pump (EWP) and Thermatic Electric Fan models.
The enormous growth in on-line activities coupled with the substantial increase in export sales to Europe and the USA has reportedly been the major catalyst behind this initiative.
As well as increased racking space, Davies, Craig explains the entire manufacturing area has been transformed to ensure both EWP and Thermatic Electric Fan models can be produced simultaneously.
“In February 2020, we finalised 20/21 sales forecasts within weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic arriving on our shores in March,” Davies, Craig Managing Director, Richard Davies, said.
“Our initial reaction at that time was one of caution and concerns regarding sales going forward.
“From April 2020 onwards, monthly sales accelerated at an alarming rate and have continued in an upward trajectory since!
“With our initial inventory levels, Davies, Craig was able to capture this demand but with current sales levels showing no signs of abating this necessitated a complete reorganization of our racking and manufacturing facilities to ensure we meet and exceed this increased demand.”
Amongst the improvements are:
• Increased pallet racking to manage increased storage of EWP and Thermatic Fan collateral.
• New 4-Pump EWP Pressure Testing station (every EWP is pressure tested before being released for sale)
• Increased production space to cater for the increase to EWP assembly.
• Further expansion of the Thermatic Fan production facilities.
• Combined assembly area with wind tunnel testing and fan blade balancing as required.
Davies, Craig says this upgrading of the EWP and Thermatic Electric Fan production facilities will help streamline its ability to meet increased customer demand for these high quality Australian-produced engine cooling products.

For more information, visit www.daviescraig.com.au