The launch celebrates the Australian-owned and operated automotive cooling manufacturer’s 50th year in business

The ‘Black Label’ EWP150 Alloy remote-mounted Electric Water Pump is a limited-edition model which Davies, Craig says arrives in a matt black power-coat finish and offers all the modern performance, compactness, and style you come to expect with the high-quality engine cooling products it offers.
Davies, Craig’s success story began in 1971 when two Australians, Daryl Davies and Bill Craig formed this company to manufacture electric engine cooling fans.
Eventually their fans were being used as original equipment in several American cars and the company grew.
During these ensuring years the Davies Craig auto cooling product line has vastly expanded and in 1999 Davies, Craig introduced the world to the revolutionary remote-mounted Electric Water Pump, the EWP80.
What followed is now carved into the company’s 50-year history with the launch of the EWP115, EWP130 and the top-ranked EWP150 Electric Water Pumps.
Manufactured in Australia, Davies Craig engine cooling products are now exported to every continent around the globe.
“Davies Craig Pty Ltd is immensely proud to have reached this pivotal milestone. The company was officially registered in December 1971,” Davies Craig Managing Director, Richard Davies, said.
“My brother Daryl and Bill Craig were commercial airline pilots and the idea of reducing parasitic power by converting the conventional belt-driven engine fan to an electric-driven fan was innovative for its time.
“Fast-forward 28 years to 1999 and the very first of the remote-mounted Electric Water Pumps, the EWP80 was introduced.
“Further creative research and development has enabled Davies, Craig to now offer an expanded range of remote-mounted Electric Water Pumps that can not only facilitate superior engine cooling but optimise coolant circulation in many facets of the engine including current supercharger and turbocharging systems.”
Davies, Craig says customers will continue to enjoy superior engine cooling technology using Davies, Craig’s extensive range of remote-mounted Electric Water Pumps (EWP) coupled to the LCD EWP/Fan Controller, commonly called EWP Combo Packs.
The three 50th Anniversary Black models’ pricing remains unchanged:
• Part #8165, Barcode:9311669081653 EWP150 – Matt Black Alloy 12v 150LPM/40GPM Module
• Part #8065, Barcode:9311669080656 EWP150 – Matt Black Alloy 12v 150LPM/40GPM Kit
• Part #8975, Barcode:9311669089758 EWP150 – Matt Black Alloy 12v 150LPM/40GPM Combo Pack
The Combo Pack contains the patented LCD EWP/Fan Digital Controller which controls coolant flow commensurate with engine temperature.

For more information, visit www.daviescraig.com.au