New Drive Design Tool released

Dayco, a leading engine products and drive systems supplier for the automotive and aftermarket industries, is also a major player in the industrial sector where it supplies V-belts under its premium, original equipment Gold Label brand.
These are supplemented with two timing belt brands, HT Power for both imperial and metric applications and HT Power Plus, which caters solely for metric specification machinery.
Accompanying these comprehensive industrial belt solutions, Dayco has developed a useful web-based drive design tool that enables users to identify the correct belt and drive combination for specific applications.
“This free resource is a customer-focused tool designed to help our customers find what they need, for both V and synchronous drive systems,” Dayco’s Emanuele Crotta said.
“Naturally, it allows them to quickly and efficiently identify the correct belt and sheave combinations or belt and sprocket combinations for their machinery requirements.
“However, where the design tool really comes into its own is when the machinery is not of a regular design or is not of standard dimensions, and the user therefore requires a customised solution.
“Through the combination of a comprehensive data resource and a highly developed back-end system, users can input multiple parameters such as shaft speed, engine speed, pulley diameter and belt length, as well as service factors, which together provides the options they can select from to optimise the performance of the specific application.
“The tool also allows users to save and share the search results and on-going projects can be tagged to be easily accessed at a later date.
“So, all in all, it’s an incredibly helpful tool that makes the complicated process of correctly selecting the correct drive combination, much more straightforward and less time consuming.”

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