The Dayco team recently worked with Maserati to create a tailored solution for its Ghibli Hybrid

Dayco – a leading engine products and drive systems specialist for the automotive, industrial and aftermarket industries – says it is not only considered a preferred solution provider for high technology original equipment components around the world, but a strategic technical partner in the design and manufacture of complete systems. 
It says a recent example of this role is demonstrated in the company’s relationship with Maserati, for which the Dayco team designed and manufactured a tailored solution for the complete BSG (Belt-integrated Starter Generator) hybrid system, also known as P0 Architecture, for the brand’s MHEV (Mild-Hybrid Electric Vehicle) engine in its Ghibli Hybrid. 
“To achieve Maserati’s required objectives, each component of the hybrid system has been designed to the highest standards to maximise fuel savings, reduce CO2 emissions and increase the durability of the entire system,” Dayco Vice President OE Sales and Business Development, Wouter Nijenhuis, said.  
“This has been made possible through the compact design and use of optimised materials to produce the side-arm tensioner, the development of a new Poly-V Belt incorporating innovative materials and manufacturing processes to guarantee the best coefficient of friction during the lifetime of the engine.
“Finally, the addition of our new damper pulley has been specifically designed to protect the crankshaft of this powerful MHEV engine. 
“Emphasising our commitment to the relationship with Maserati, the Dayco side-arm tensioner is being produced on a new, dedicated assembly line, which is state-of-the-art for this type of product and equipped with Industry 4.0 technology.
“Embracing the trend towards automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies and processes that is at its heart, the PLC computer control system utilises artificial intelligence, inter-connected assembly machines and finally, features fully autonomous testing. 
“I wish to thank the entire Dayco global team for this outstanding result, which demonstrates the company’s partnership credentials and was achieved in spite of the exceptionally challenging circumstances caused by the current pandemic.”

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