Setting a positive trend

Dayco’s Timing Belt in Oil (BIO) system is a technology breakthrough by the global automotive component innovators which Dayco says is attracting more OEM attention worldwide.
This new low-wear and eco-friendly technology is now available in the 1.0 litre three-cylinder Ford Ecoboost engine that won International Engine of the Year in 2012. The engine is considered one of the most economical and compact units in its class.
Dayco’s significant investment in research and development has resulted in various new technologies for more efficient internal combustion engines to meet the demands expected from vehicle manufacturers and modern motorists alike.
Dayco says the advantages of its timing belt in oil system compared to the conventional belt drive belt are numerous, including reduced wear, improved quietness and above all less friction losses, ensuring the engine is quieter and more efficient.
Compared to a timing chain, Dayco says these are significant advantages because the application saves on both cost and weight, which in turn leads to more fuel efficiency and less noise in operation.
“We think the belt in an oil bath provides the best of two worlds. On the one hand the longevity of a timing chain and on the other hand, the smoothness and reduced friction of a timing belt”, Ford Powertrain Development Manager, Andrew Fraser, said of the advantages of the Dayco BIO system.
The Ford Motor Company selected the Dayco BIO system for an innovation award when it was introduced. It is also interesting to note that the new 1.0 Litre Ford Ecoboost engine also includes another world first by Dayco, the first idler which runs in an oil bath.
Dayco explains that combined with what it refers to as a “Synergetic” design, the whole Dayco BIO transmission system, that is, engine belt, guides, tensioners, idlers and pulleys, have been combined to deliver optimum performance, extreme reliability and increased fuel economy.
Along with Ford, the Dayco BIO system has also been selected as original equipment for Audi and Volkswagen vehicles with Dayco stating that demand for this ultra-efficient engine component technology is continuing to grow.
Dayco Australia says it is pleased to offer this patented and innovative BIO System technology to the Australian automotive aftermarket for scheduled replacement on Audi, Ford and Volkswagen vehicles that have been fitted with the Dayco BIO System as Original Equipment.

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