A new range of brake calipers is now available

DBA has just launched a new range of braking components by adding OE replacement calipers to its comprehensive, ever-growing offering of Street Series products.
“With our braking expertise of over 40 years we set out to bring to market a range of calipers that perfectly complements our long-established range of Street Series brake rotors, as well as our recently launched, market-leading range of Street Series brake pads,” DBA Product Manager, Tony Doyle, said.
DBA’s Street Series braking products are designed to provide a no fuss “bolt off, bolt on” experience for the mechanic.
Tony says DBA’s launch strategy is demand driven, with the first applications now being available for popular 4WD models.
“Before year’s end the number of SKUs will at least triple to cover further popular cars, SUVs and LCVs. Ultimately, we want to offer a similarly comprehensive market coverage for our Street Series callipers as our customers have come to appreciate for our Street Series rotors and pads,” Tony said.
Part of DBA’s commitment to the market as a premium brake supplier is to offer valuable technical advice.
It says brake calipers are an integral part of the vehicle’s braking system, however their critical role in stopping a vehicle is often not well-known or understood. In fact, they are seen but very seldom serviced, replaced or discussed.

The main calipers are designed to be a robust part of the brake system. However, over time, the heat generated in driving can cause a breakdown in the seals within the pistons and caliper piston bores. There are a number of tell-tale signs that you may have issues with your calipers, such as the vehicle pulling to one side when applying brakes; fluid leaks; and a spongy or soft brake pedal.
If you do have a faulty caliper, it will result in reduced braking ability. Uneven brake pad wear may also result in the case of sticking caliper slide pins which will create bias in wear characteristics. Further signs of ineffective caliper operation may be the experience of abnormal noise.
At any service interval it is imperative the entire brake ‘system’ is checked and reviewed. The effective braking of a vehicle relies on all parts of that system working in unison.
While attempting to repair a leaking or otherwise faulty caliper is not uncommon, DBA says studies show that the time required to do so, in combination with running the risk of the fault reoccurring within a short period of time, makes a replacement of the caliper the more economical solution.
DBA’s Street Series brake calipers are available as single units for direct OE replacement and require no modification to the vehicle. They are being supplied including brackets, however without brake pads to allow for universal caliper-pad combinations.

To learn more about DBA’s new Street Series caliper range, email sales@dba.com.au, visit DBA’s online Part Finder at www.dba.com.au, message DBA on Facebook, or call 1800 730 039.