Gary Davison is retiring after 34 years with Disc Brakes Australia

Disc Brakes Australia (DBA) says Gary Davison’s departure comes as the company continues its transition “from being Australia’s leading rotor manufacturer to supplying complete wheel-end braking solutions.”
When Gary Davison joined DBA in Brisbane in 1988, the company had only just opened its first interstate branch in Queensland.
Initially tasked with running the Queensland operations, Gary went on to become the State Sales Manager and the Warehouse Manager.
He then went on to put his wealth of knowledge to invaluable use in DBA’s product and cataloguing department.
At the time of Gary joining the business, DBA’s range of brake rotors consisted of only a few hundred part numbers.
By contrast, the current product range is the most comprehensive and complex in the company’s history, consisting of over 10,000 SKUs (part numbers), each with multiple vehicle applications.
No longer limited to brake rotors, DBA these days offers a complete range of brake rotors and drums, pads and shoes, calipers, hydraulic cylinders, hoses, and fluids.
One thing however hasn’t changed – Gary’s commitment to customer service.
In his current role, DBA says Gary is one of the dedicated staff who have made DBA’s uncompromising ‘first to market’ approach possible.
With his in-depth knowledge of the Australian and New Zealand vehicle population, Gary is usually the first to raise the flag about any new, incoming vehicle models.
His VOR (vehicles on road) projections then trigger the DBA engineering department to jump into action, ensuring that not one but a range of replacement options are being engineered, tested, manufactured, and launched to the market.
Likewise, Gary as part of the cataloguing team ensures the completeness and integrity of DBA’s parts listings in a range of market leading global databases, including Oscar, Parts DB, Aces and Pies, SEMA Data Co-op, TecDoc, and more.
Gary in his own words describes it as “an honour” to have served the business over such an extended period of time.
Undoubtedly, his legacy will live on though DBA’s mantra of being ‘first to market’ and its market-leading vehicle coverage and product cataloguing.
DBA, the AAAA and the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine team wish Gary well for his future.

For more information, visit DBA at www.dba.com.au or on Facebook and Instagram.