DBA recently released a range of DBA Performance Brake Pads with ECE R90 certification

DBA says it strives to be at the forefront of braking system technology, as an exporter and as a world class leader in brake system component supply.
Alternatively known as R90, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe ECE Regulation 90 is a legal requirement for all replacement brake friction materials (Brake Pads and Brake Shoes) specifying design, construction and performance requirements and test protocols for the European and other markets.
The R90 Type Approval system is applicable to all motor vehicles as well as trailers throughout the European Union. Some Non-European countries have also adopted ECE Regulation 90 as it is considered a benchmark for safety.
DBA says its newly approved DBA product is the same, equal to or better than the original equipment product it has always supplied. The DBA R90 approved brake pad products are marked with an R90 code number and a country code in a circle – E11 for UK which signifies where DBA had the testing conducted.
For R90 certification, all brake friction materials must meet specific technical requirements (pads and rotors) and undergo strict compliance testing. Also included is factory approval as part of the R90 process.
Aspects of the R90 brake tests include but are not limited to on-vehicle performance checks, friction performance, wear performance, thermal fatigue, speed sensitivity tests and materials certification.
In addition, R90 and DBA ensures products are in tamper-evident, sealed packaging and this is true for all DBA R90 replacement products.

For more information, visit www.dba.com.au