Disc Brakes Australia (DBA) says the new online portal sets a new benchmark

DBA’s new ‘Part Finder’ catalogue website displays the company’s comprehensive product range in an enhanced format, with over 10,000 individual SKUs listed.
While the ‘classic’ version of the catalogue will remain available in the short term to assist with the transition, a new, rich content enhanced Part Finder has recently been launched as the default catalogue on DBA’s website.
“We are confident our new site will be seen as a benchmark for a parts manufacturer catalogue,” DBA General Manager, Phillip Joseph, said.
“It is a rich content format that includes product images, fitment data, product specifications, installation support and the like, which will give our customers the enhanced level of support that they rightly expect from an industry leader like DBA.”
Acknowledging that the ‘classic’ Part Finder format, which is based on an i-frame from a third-party catalogue provider, is well accepted by workshops and the trade in general, DBA’s objective was to create a catalogue that was equally easy to navigate yet provided additional information and features.
“We live in a world where the visual appeal and the quality of the product presentation is key to the buying decision making process,” Phillip said.
“Therefore, we felt that an upgrade to a rich content environment was necessary, without losing any of the quick lookup functionalities that our trade customers have come to appreciate.
“Customers now have the opportunity to perform extensive research on each of our products, including visualisation of what the product might look like on a vehicle. Plus, unique product landing pages allow the creation of wish lists and the sharing of product information via email and other platforms.”
Further enhancements offered by the new catalogue include a comprehensive system of filters that allows users to select the best suited product by a range of criteria, such as product position, vehicle application, or type of product use.
Other, additional content includes detailed product descriptions, features and benefits, an expansive listing of product data including packaging dimensions, comprehensive installation guides, as well as unique product image URLs for easy mapping to external databases.
DBA says early data is showing significantly increased conversion rates and engagement times from the customers using the new catalogue.

To see the all-new Part Finder for yourself, visit www.dba.com.au/part-finder/ or call DBA on 1800 730 039 for more information.