After more than a decade, DBA will present an evolution of its brake rotor packaging at the AAAExpo

The new visual design from Disc Brakes Australia (DBA) is said to not only take the customers’ purchasing experience to another level, but the packaging will also offer increased structural stability for extra product protection whilst meeting DBA’s strict sustainability targets.
“DBA has grown over the last 40 plus years mainly on the back of its market leading brake rotor program, and it is still our most important product line today,” DBA Marketing Manager, Lars Mehlan, said.
“As a business, our target is to match the visual appearance of our product packaging with the premium quality that our product is known for, and consequently to enhance the overall customer experience.”
As part of the journey, DBA went through a comprehensive market research and benchmarking process, talking to stakeholders along the value chain about their expectations and requirements.
Consequently, taking inspiration from leading packaging concepts from within and outside the automotive industry, the design language was simplified and modernised, with the box top panel now featuring one hero product image per product line and making use of self-explaining pictograms to replace lengthy text passages.
The back of the box shows an easy-to-understand product outline explaining the main technical features. In several places on the box, QR codes offer the user the opportunity to link to DBA’s website or external resources for further information or engage with DBA to exchange feedback.
As part of the project, DBA went as far as to streamline its product brands within the rotor program. The result is a clear, three-tiered product offering of direct replacement rotors (STREET SERIES), upgrade performance rotors (4000 SERIES), and high-performance rotors (5000 SERIES). Existing product sub-brands such as En-shield, 4×4 Survival or Club Spec will be phased out with the new packaging design.
“Obviously, En-shield protective coating will still be available for our STREET SERIES products, and our 4000 SERIES will still be the rotor of choice when it comes to 4×4 applications,” Lars said.
“However, in order to reduce product complexity and everything that goes with it from inventory management to cataloguing, we found that a simple, three-tiered system based on our successful product brands STREET SERIES, 4000 SERIES and 5000 SERIES would work best.”

DBA will launch its new brake rotor packaging design at the AAAExpo on Stand L44.

For further information, visit www.dba.com.au or call DBA Customer Service on 1800 730 039.