Available from GCG Turbochargers

GCG Turbochargers says that while it has been known as ‘the turbo experts’ for over forty years, it is also a distributor of Deatschwerks fuel system components.
GCG Turbochargers says its ever-expanding product range now includes Deatschwerks’ 5.5 litre staged surge tank.
It explains this product is engineered to provide “massive” amounts of fuel flow reliably and consistently for high power applications up to and beyond 2,000hp.

Features include:
• Three-into-one Merged -10AN outlet for optimised flow and simplified plumbing
• Fits all standard-sized 39mm pumps and 46mm DW400
• Wiring flexibility for single staging or dual staging of pump triggers
• Submerged pump design for quiet operation, cool fuel, and long pump life
• Anodized for use with all fuels including e85 and methanol
Fitment kits include all necessary hoses, clamps, filters, and electrical connectors.

Part Numbers:
• 6-000-55ST 5.5L SST Tank: only $1171 RRP
• 6-201-55ST 5.5L SST Tank + three DW200 Pumps + three Fitment Kits: $2418 RRP
• 6-301-55ST 5.5L SST Tank + three DW300 Pumps + three Fitment Kits: $2978 RRP
• 6-401-55ST 5.5L SST Tank + three DW400 Pumps + three Fitment Kits: $3537 RRP

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