R&J Batteries is now offering an extended warranty on these products

The exclusive distributor of Delkor batteries in Australia, R&J Batteries, is now offering extended warranty on Delkor Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB) and Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries in Idle stop start (ISS) passenger vehicles.
The warranty period on Delkor EFB batteries has been increased from 18 months to 24 months while the warranty on Delkor AGM batteries has been increased from 18 months to 36 months.
This new warranty is applicable immediately and is retrospective on all Delkor EFB and AGM batteries purchased in the applicable periods.
The warranty period for both EFB and AGM batteries in non-ISS passenger vehicle applications remains unchanged at 36 months.
While Idle Stop Start (ISS) technology has significantly increased the demands placed on a vehicle’s battery, consumer expectations regarding battery service life have not changed. This means that battery performance and durability has never been more heavily depended on and why brands like Delkor are recognising this demand.
This increase in warranty periods is further evidence of the quality of Delkor batteries and the commitment both Clarios and R&J Batteries have in ensuring Delkor batteries provide the best in quality and value for customers.
R&J Batteries explains that Clarios Delkor Corporation, the manufacturer of Delkor batteries, is an award-winning company which continuously strives to meet the growing demand for superior battery performance and durability by investing in world leading technology through their Delkor EFB and AGM range of passenger vehicle batteries.

It states the patented PowerFrame Technology and other industry leading advancements continue to make Delkor EFB and AGM batteries a top choice for consumers.
R&J Batteries says the PowerFrame grid is nearly three* times more corrosion resistant than other grid designs, minimising the risk of premature battery failure.
It explains the PowerFrame grid technology pattern is optimised for full grid utilisation, providing more than 60 percent* superior electrical flow for better connectivity. 
It says another benefit of this technology is the manufacturing of PowerFrame grids which uses 20 percent less energy and produces 20 percent fewer greenhouse gases than other manufacturing methods.
The complete Delkor automotive battery range which includes AGM, EFB and calcium batteries is available at R&J Batteries and distributors across Australia.
R&J Batteries’ extensive product portfolio is not limited to batteries. The range also includes lubricants from market leader, Fuchs, and battery accessories such as battery chargers, battery testers, jump starters, cables and battery terminals from Projecta, OzCharge and Redmax.

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*Based on comparison to other grid designs in real world fleet testing.