Advanced, reliable, affordable

Is your garage equipped to professionally diagnose, service and repair one of the world’s biggest brand names in diesel parts and systems?
Today’s vehicle engine and electronic systems are constantly evolving, as emission management becomes more integrated with other electronic devices it has never been more essential to offer advanced on-board diagnostics, correct service and effective repair.
Denso says the Denso-C Diagnostic Tool is the first and only tool on the market that’s specifically designed for independent garages to use with Denso’s advanced diesel vehicle parts and systems.

Denso-C delivers:
• Data that’s based on Denso’s own specialist OE knowledge and expertise
• Specialist software for Denso diesel systems
• Continually updated functions and manuals
• A time-saving repair manual
• 50 percent more functions for Denso diesel applications than other available diesel tools
• Add-on commercial opportunities for your business
Denso-C gives you unprecedented access to a tailor-made diagnostic platform that’s founded on Denso’s unique experience as a world-leading developer of original equipment diesel systems and diagnostic tools, says the company.
Comprising of a Denso-developed computer interface and specialised associated software that works with most PCs and laptops, this complete, easy to use package provides everything you need for advanced troubleshooting on Denso diesel common rail applications – including pumps and injectors.

Denso-C’s high-tech features enable you to:
• Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes / freeze frame
• Monitor data live
• Test active components
– Injector cut off tests
– EGR Valve tests
– Glow time relay tests
– Fuel leakage tests
– O2 Sensor connection check
– A/C relay tests
– Control the Electric Cooling Fan
• Calibrate new components on the vehicle
– Injector compensation
– Injection amount correction
– Fuel Pump learning
– MAF Sensor learning reset
– O2 Sensor learning reset
• Diagnose and repair information
– Data monitor and reference values
– ECU terminal pin locations
– Symptom based troubleshooting
– Component locations
– Removal and reinstallation procedures
– Wiring diagrams

Denso says you will always have the very latest data at your fingertips, because all the diagnostic functions and manuals are continually updated – simply download updates when they are made available
The Denso-C offers you advanced, reliable and affordable vehicle diagnosis, says the company, so you’ll never miss out on that business again.

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