Denso distributor CFI Australia says you should only trust genuine Denso injector parts

From the many suppliers of diesel fuel injectors, CFI Australia believes that you can only trust genuine parts.
CFI Australia is Denso’s exclusive distributor of genuine remanufactured Common Rail Injectors, available from Denso’s Service Dealer Network.
It warns that there are non-authorised injector remanufacturers which don’t use genuine Denso replacement parts when repairing injectors. CFI Australia cautions that genuine parts get substituted for cheaper replacement parts and unfortunately for the vehicle owner, non-genuine parts means underperformance and lower efficiency.
CFI Australia says that while it saves money up front, it is not worth the risk to choose inferior, non-genuine Denso injectors in your vehicle. It states that injector remanufacturing requires precise and exact tolerances which are only possible with specialised equipment and tests sanctioned by Denso, the manufacturer.
Denso X-Change injectors are reportedly put through a test process with very tight tolerances to ensure injectors are produced back to manufacturer standards. These procedures are set by Denso and all results are recorded and reported to Denso headquarters, says CFI Australia.
CFI Australia also offer others genuine Denso products sold through the Service Dealer Network, including:
• Genuine Denso Diesel Pump Assemblies
• Genuine Denso Diesel Pump Overhaul Kits
• Genuine Denso Diesel Components

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