A wide range of solutions for the aftermarket are available

DENSO is a global leader in cutting-edge Automotive, Mobility, Agri Tech and Innovative Technologies worldwide.
“We are a trusted Tier 1 automotive supplier and influencer providing thermal, powertrain, mobility, electrification, and electronic systems to carmakers and other manufacturers around the world,” DENSO Head of Marketing and Product APAC, Sarica Malhotra, said.
“With presence across 35 countries, our diverse network enables us to deliver global and regional solutions to meet societal needs. “So, whether you are on the road, in a warehouse, a farm, or a mine, know that DENSO is the quiet force behind your vehicle moving you forward.”
DENSO explains that its extensive aftermarket product offering is built on decades of experience in global OE manufacturing and supply.
It states every component is designed with the highest original equipment quality, precision, and undergoes rigorous safety and performance tests.

DENSO’s aftermarket range includes:
• Starter Motors and Alternators
• Automotive and Bus Air Conditioning
• Engine Cooling and Thermal Control
• Engine Management Sensors
• Superior Spark Plugs, Glow Plugs and Ignition Coils
• Repair, Filtration and Wipers
• Heavy Duty Application Products
• Mechanical and Common Rail Diesel Products

Reliable cooling solutions
DENSO states that its radiators and condensers are engineered to exacting standards, undergoing rigorous durability and function tests.
Crafted from premium aluminum, DENSO condensers resist corrosion while specialised core designs prevent airborne material buildup in both components.

Exceptional durability
DENSO starter and alternators are lightweight, highly efficient, and durable under the most grueling conditions.
DENSO says they mount with a minimum of installation issues and provide years of reliable service – offering you “real bang for your buck.”

Superior spark plugs
DENSO invites you to discover its diverse range of spark plugs tailored to meet your car’s needs.
From nickel plugs like the Nickel TT, featuring a unique twin tip electrode design for efficient combustion, to the Iridium TT, which DENSO says boasts six times harder and eight times stronger construction than platinum for longevity up to 100,000km with its 0.4Mm diameter iridium center electrode, minimise misfires by requiring less voltage.
For serious racers, the Iridium Racing plugs offer ultimate performance, meticulously engineered to excel in high-rev, high-horsepower, and high-torque applications under extreme conditions.

Outstanding oxygen sensors
DENSO oxygen sensors are engineered with precision to monitor exhaust gas oxygen content and catalytic converter efficiency, utilising high-quality materials such as stainless steel, PTFE, fluorine rubber, aluminum oxide, platinum, and ceramic.
In rigorous testing, DENSO says its oxygen sensors demonstrated twice the resistance to silicone and lead poisoning compared to leading competitors.

Expert diesel engineering
Diesel engines combine excellent fuel economy and power, making them very popular as passenger and commercial vehicles on Australian roads.
DENSO explains that its common rail injection system operates at a high PSI, achieving “unparalleled fuel economy and power while meeting stringent emission regulations.”
“We are so much more than just car parts!” Sarica said.
“Our sustainable manufacturing practices are aimed at achieving a greener future of zero CO2 emissions from factories.
“We are committed to contributing to the electrification of vehicles and actively addressing energy use to support the carbon neutrality of society through the capture and reuse of CO2.”

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