A new training series has been released by Diesel Help Australia

Clinton Brett of Diesel Help Australia has been offering dedicated diesel training for seven years.
“I recall one of my champions’ advice soon after I released my first dedicated diesel training seven years ago. He said, “don’t become a one hit wonder!” Clinton said.
“I took their advice and I’m continually working towards an album of hits. And just like musicians we not only deliver live – we also have started a collection of pre-recorded hits.”
Diesel Help Australia’s newly released Diesel Service Advisor Online Training was uploaded to the company’s website in April and will soon be joined by other courses.
“Our onsite training courses will continue to be delivered throughout Australia and New Zealand as soon as the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted,” Clinton said.
“Talking with our Diesel Help members on a daily basis, we receive a large volume of FAQs relating to service requirements for diesels.
“Our membership levels have a certain number of jobs allocated and as you could understand, a phone call FAQ involves a thorough explanation and we don’t want our members using up their diagnostic jobs on FAQs – so we launched this new series.
“With the popularity of diesel light vehicles high in Australia and now this pandemic, you’ll experience people keeping their cars longer rather than updating and so the demand is there for a well-trained service department.”
Clinton says the main focus is maintaining the diesel engine, particularly long term.
“One of my favorite topics I cover is ‘the hidden extras of a diesel engine.’ Another topic included is ‘understanding the customer’s diesel symptoms.’ Our Diesel Symptoms Self-assessment sheet can be accessed via our website and be given to your customer to assist in saving time and money on misdiagnosis when symptoms are overlooked.
“We understand the importance of assessing your staff’s knowledge following the investment of training. We have developed a short questionnaire for each module and included an answer sheet to assist you with assessing their competency and ongoing professional development needs.
“These online options are not exclusive to our Diesel Help members, as all of our training is available to the automotive trade. The first series of the Diesel Service Advisor is included in Gold and Platinum level memberships and discounts are offered to members for all our online and onsite training courses.”

For more information, visit www.dieselhelp.com.au