Businesses wanted to join its dealer network

With the Diesel tuning market growing exponentially each year, Diesel Tune Australia is growing its dealer network and is actively seeking suitable workshops looking to expand their business into this exciting market.
Diesel Tune Australia explains it is backed by more than 40 years in the performance tuning industry and offers locally developed remap ECU tune calibrations for most common rail diesel vehicles through its national dealer network.
With a minimal outlay, it says you can be tuning diesels and reaping the benefits of DTA’s regular national advertising campaigns. 
Diesel Tune Australia says its CRD Flash Tuning is ‘the’ state-of-the-art way of improving both the power and torque from modern common rail diesel engines.
By strategically re-calibrating the factory engine control unit (ECU), DTA says it is able to safely optimise the engine power and torque output of most common rail diesel engines without tricking or going behind the back of the vehicle’s ECU. It says as all of the complex fuelling and boost calibrations are still controlled by the factory ECU, the vital safety parameters are left 100 percent intact.

Additionally, remapping the ECU reportedly gives DTA the unparalleled ability to alter torque management tables, throttle mapping, turbo pressure, fuel pressure and injector timing to name just a few – something it says no individual chip or module can come close to claiming.  
“CRD Flash tuning by Diesel Tune Australia consistently delivers far safer Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGT), far greater control over the engine functions, far greater reliability and is much more affordable – this all adds up for a far more effective result when compared to fitting any sort of diesel chip or module,” Diesel Tune Australia says.

Key features of CRD Flash Tuning:
· Every Vehicle is DYNO checked for accuracy and reliability  
· 100 percent reversible by new car dealer or DTA dealer
· Throttle response drastically improved
· Typical gains in power and torque between 20 percent and 40 percent
· Economy improved, especially when towing  
· Lifetime warranty on Flash Tune
· 12 Month warranty on workmanship
· 90 Day Money back satisfaction guarantee
· No other upgrades required

For more information, visit www.hp-f.com.au