This Responsive Engineering Australia product separates and removes water from diesel while alerting drivers to the presence of water in the diesel

Diesel Water Watch is the brainchild of a Canberra Diesel Fuel Injection Specialist who found that Common Rail Diesel engines introduced to Australia in the early 2000s could be quickly and completely destroyed by small amounts of water introduced to the system via the diesel fuel system. 
The older style mechanical systems were very robust being low pressure systems that could tolerate all but the worst of particle contamination in the fuel. The high sulphur fuel of the time provided great lubrication and most diesels used fuel filters to protect the pumps and injectors from damage – even then they weren’t that expensive or difficult to repair.
But the problem is that the water causes rust particles within the pump and injectors, well after the fuel filter and with our modern low sulphur fuels, there is little to no lubrication to reduce the damage caused by the rust. 
The rust is very abrasive and transmissible, ultimately destroying the sensitive components of the high-pressure Common Rail Fuel System. In Common Rail Diesel’s high-pressure systems, this can occur within hours of introducing water to the system.
Tests on fuel filters found that they produced fuel restrictions in the Common Rail fuel system as the fuel had to pass through an extra layer of filter medium and over time as the filter trapped particulates – which it is designed to do – the excess restriction in fuel flow could result in component failures. 
In 2008 Diesel Water Watch was patented and released to the Australian market as a safe and effective electronic water trap that could be used on Common Rail Diesels. 
Those behind Diesel Water Watch say it does not restrict the flow of fuel through the high-pressure diesel systems and is at least 98 percent effective in the removal of all water from diesel fuel in flow, trapping the water and other contamination under the fuel flow at the base of the glass bowl where it can be seen and removed. The electronic alarm system alerts the driver to the presence of water in the fuel before the water can even enter the fuel filter.
Diesel Water Watch not only separates the water from the diesel, but it will also separate and trap particles with a heavier particle weight than that of the diesel, reducing the burden on the manufacturer’s fuel filter. 
Diesel Water Watch is a certified “Australian Made” product, which is manufactured and sold in Canberra. 
Responsive Engineering Australia says its small team continues to develop and refine Diesel Water Watch and the bracket kits to suit vehicles as they are released in Australia. 
As it approaches its 15th year of commercial sales and productions, Responsive Engineering Australia says it is extremely proud of its Australian invention.

For more information, visit www.waterindiesel.com.au/waterwatch4diesel