New from JLM Lubricants

JLM Lubricants has launched a ‘trade tested’ Direct Injection Valve Cleaner for Petrol, Diesel, GDI and Hybrid Engines.
JLM Lubricants, the global brand based in the manufacturing powerhouse of The Netherlands, has added to its roster of ‘trade trusted’ premium quality automotive aftermarket products with a Direct Injection Valve Cleaner (J03190) – a product designed for optimal use with the existing JLM Gasoline Direct Injector Cleaner.
“This product works on petrol, diesel, GDI and hybrid engines,” JLM Founder and Managing Director, Gilbert Groot, said from JLM Lubricants’ headquarters in Amsterdam
“However, we anticipate the greatest demand will be for GDI engines because it thoroughly cleans the valve stems and seats without requiring engine tear down. It also safely cleans the combustion chamber and piston crown.
“This product differs from the JLM intake EGR Cleaner aerosol because of its ph value. As well as solvents, the product has an alkaline base with surfactants.
“As a result, the carbon deposits which build up on the valves, cylinder heads and injectors loosen faster and are easier to remove than comparable products which are 100 percent solvent based.
“As we know, with GDI engines, small amounts of dirt from intake air can build up on valves within just 5,000 miles of driving.
“At its most extreme, if left unchecked this can lead to pieces of carbon breaking off and burning a hole in the catalytic converter.
“But before this the carbon deposits can cause pre-ignition, rough starting, and rough idling, even fouled spark plugs. With our new concentrated solvent and fuel detergent blend the carbon residues on the intake valves dissolve faster and are easier to remove. The engine is restored to correct operation at correct airflow.
“With our one shot GDI Cleaner which cleans the inside of the injectors and the injector mouth, restoring fuel economy and lowering emissions, we are now offering the perfect combination high quality formulas to keep GDI engines clean and performing to their highest specification. The motorist does not have to let carbon build up become a big issue.”

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