HPP Lunds has a range of tools under its Rock Tools brand

Every workshop has disappearing tools – they are the ones most often used and so they are easily misplaced or broken.
That is not just inconvenient, but it also holds up too many simple jobs and turns them into time wasters, which is why having a few spares of these tools is a cheap option to get the job done.
Likewise, these tools are a must have in any garage – you don’t need to be a mechanic to find a need for them.
HPP Lunds has a range of tools under its Rock Tools brand, and these include everyday items such as oil filter removal tools like the strap style oil filter tool (T73C) which fits most filters as it has a flexible soft band that goes around the oil filter and with a quick pull, tightens. It says with this tool, it is unlikely that you will come across an oil filter that it won’t suit.
As an option there is a swivel handle style of oil filter remover (T62C), which has the band made of flexible steel. This looped band is placed around the filter and the handle is turned anticlockwise to put tension on the band making it grip the filter. It can fit a variety of different sized filters.
Another handy every day tool is the wheel brace (S1021001) – how many times a day does a workshop have to remove wheels, and while rattle guns are great, if it is a busy workshop its handy to have another option, says HPP Lunds.
Indeed, every motor vehicle on the road should have a wheel brace in the boot – along with a jack and spare tyre – to get out of trouble when a puncture occurs.
For these purposes, HPP Lunds says a four-way combination brace is ideal as it can work with a range of different wheel nuts from Metric/SAE 17mm, 19mm, 22mm and imperial 13/16”.

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