Introducing the Parksafe All in One Tyre Sealant and Inflation System

Burg Design says its new Parksafe All in One Tyre Sealant and Inflation System is an essential item for all owners of vehicles who do not already have this item as standard equipment.
Many of today’s vehicles do not come with a spare wheel and tyre while some come with a space saver and others with just an expensive to replace sealant and inflation system, so it is very important to check what your vehicle is equipped with for peace of mind and to know what you can do in the event of a flat tyre.  
A full-size spare wheel and tyre will always be a great advantage but is definitely not for everyone as many drivers have either no idea of how to safely change over to a spare wheel and tyre or are incapable of doing so.
And also it must be considered that when a puncture eventually does occur, you may find yourself in a convenient and safe location and wait and wait for roadside assistance, however you could also be out in the middle of “Ship Creek” where roadside assistance could take a very long time to arrive, says Burg Design.
It says this is where the Parksafe System comes into play as it is very simple for most people to use and operate and to quickly and safely get back on the road in just a few minutes.
Burg Design says the Parksafe system is OEM Factory quality as supplied directly to various vehicle manufacturers and it comes with full operating instructions and a local three-year warranty. 
Most importantly, it says, the tyre sealant is a replaceable item so you can have your kit ready for the next unfortunate event.

For further information, contact Burg Design P/L via or on 03 9555 9277 or visit the team at 28 Bignell Road, Moorabbin (Victoria).